WSU had many students and faculty participate in the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers Meeting, Convention and Trade Show, held Feb. 7-9. Here are some of the contributions made by WSU students and scientists:

2017 Speakers

Dr. James Moyer Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research, College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences
Do Agriculture, Grapes and Wine Fit into a World Class Education Institution?

Michelle Moyer Ph.D., Statewide V&E Extension Specialist
How Ignoring Basic Viticulture Tactics Can Mess up a Grower’s Bottom Line: Pests, Clean Plants, AgWeatherNet and More!
Disease by Phenology

Danielle Kleist,  Director of Students Life, WSU Tri-Cities

Dr. James Moyer adresses the crowd during the State of the Industry Session

Cover Letters-What it Says Before You Open Your Mouth

Charles Edwards Ph.D., Professor & Food Scientist
How Do You Know You Have a Microbial Problem? What Detection Method to Choose?

Thomas Henick-Kling Ph.D., Director, WSU Vicitulture & Enology
Microbial Spoilage of Wine and Its Prevention

Markus Keller Ph.D., Professor
Phenology and Growing Degree Days
The Perfect Climate for Wine – How Perfect is Washington?

Johnathan O’Hearn, WSU Entomology
Pest by Phenology

Jim Harbertson Ph.D., Associate Professor of Enology
Phenolics of Washington State Wines

Poster Winners

WSU graduate student Ben-Min Chang gives his oral presentation during the 2017 WAWGG Poster Session.

Professional Category

First place: Lynn Mills
Second place: Sridhar Jarugula
Third Place: Prashant Swamy

Graduate Category

First place: Margaret McCoy
Second place: Ben-Min Chang
Third place: Caroline Merrell

Undergraduate Category

First place: Ashley Boren
Second place: Corydon Funk

Best Oral Presentation

Graduate: Zachary Cartwright

Graduate students Caroline Merrell and Garret Stahl pose next to their posters at the WAWAGG Conference.

Undergraduate: Ashley Boren

Outreach and Technology Transfer Committee

Tom Collins
Gwen Hoheisel
Catherine Ann Jones
Markus Keller
Mysti Meiers
Michelle Moyer

Farming by Phenology Program Advisors

Michelle Moyer
Gwen Hoheisel

How many varieties of wheat has WSU developed?



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