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Solid Oil

Pumps can extract crude oil from the Earth. That’s because crude is a liquid – sometimes a thick one, but a liquid nonetheless. But the…

Tough Way to Make a Living

Wresting a living from the world is never easy. Heck, just making it through a desk-bound workweek is enough to wipe me out most of…

Commuting on Canola?

It’s easier to make biodiesel and burn it in your truck than to sort out the politics of whether we should make more or less…

Saving Gas Upside Down

If you’ve been feeling despair about your gasoline bills this year, you have me for company. Having a root canal is looking like fun compared…

Rattlers on the Rocks

Campers, ranchers and us aging geologists all come across our share of rattlesnakes on warm days. Although my reflexes are generally slower in middle age…
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How many varieties of wheat has WSU developed?



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