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All that glitters is not (pure) gold

Recently I had the pleasure of going to the wedding celebration of my assistant at work — whom I count as a good friend —…

Keeping warm with gold fever

Here's fuel for daydreams of finding enormous gold nuggets when the weather improves.

Mercury Contamination from the Good Old Days

When I was a younger and more sprightly woman, I spent part of my life investigating unusual hot springs in rural California. They were salty…

The Right Time to Sell

With the price of gold over $1,000 per troy ounce, people have asked me if they should sell Great Aunt Edna’s rings and bracelets. Is…

Riches in the Midst of War

Some geologists are heroes. That was the thought that came to my mind when I read of what Afghan geologists had done during the long…

How many varieties of wheat has WSU developed?



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