Open Q&A | June 21, 2017

The following questions were submitted during the Open Q&A Virtual Office Hours.

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News Media
Q: How do we get media attention for our events?
Extension Publications
Q: How do we find out about new or out-of-print Extension publications?
Social Media
Q: What’s your advice for managing multiple social media accounts (e.g., personal and work)?
Q: How can we motivate faculty to use social media?
Q: How can we use Twitter to drive traffic to our website?
Q: Can I retweet my own tweets? Why or why not?
Q: How often can I reuse content on social media?
Q: Which do you use: Hootsuite or Tweetdeck? Why?
Q: How do I develop hashtags? Are there tools available to generate them?
Software, Technology, and IT
Q: What should I consider when selecting a webinar or video conference tool?
Q: What tool should I use for delivering a multi-week online course to remote, non-WSU locations?
Q: How long will the Adobe Connect service be available?
Q: What support is available for Sharepoint?
Q: Have you considered using Libris by Photoshelter as an enterprise-wide photo management system?
Training and Learning Resources
Q: What options are available for online learning services, such as
Q: What HTML and CSS coding classes or trainings are available?
Q: What webinar or video conference trainings are available?
Q: What Google Analytics trainings are available?
WordPress, Websites, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Q: Where should I go to get technical support for my WordPress website?
Q: Do you assist in one-on-one website design, and at what rates?
Q: I need to create a “micro-site” for a conference / event / piece of featured information / etc. Is it appropriate to request a special stand-alone page?
Q: Are samples of available WordPress website functionality available?
Q: How can I get access to my website’s statistics in Google Analytics?
Q: How many links should I add to my pages? Do too many links hurt SEO?
Q: What tools are available for controlling the editorial access of multiple content authors on my WordPress website?
Q: I would like to add a slideshow to the homepage of my website. What options do I have?
Q: Does everyone have access to the same version of WordPress?
Q: How important is it to have the same look for our websites? Currently, there are obvious visual differences between our county, extension, and college websites.
Q: We are considering using a different website platform than WordPress. What do we need to keep in mind? Do you have any recommendations?
Q: What is the recommended retention time for files uploaded to our website? Should older files be regularly deleted?
Q: My County Extension website has featured articles on the top-right corner of my home page that I can’t control. What are my options?
Q: I understand that WordPress installations on the University Communications and CAHNRS WordPress servers will be merging. Can you provide more information?
Q: Will WordPress ever go to a folder-type management of files & pages?
Q: Has your team embedded Microsoft Sway into WordPress pages?
Q: What 3rd party services are others using successfully for their web needs?
Q: I want to remove the double-click required for nested menu items (e.g., Section Title > Overview). What options do I have?