Manuscripts for peer review are to be submitted in a Microsoft Word file only. Use minimal formatting and reduce the risk of software “translation errors” by observing the following specifications:

  • Do not include author names or information in the submitted manuscript.
  • Justify left (ragged right), with 1-inch margins.
  • Submit text in double-spaced format.
  • Use a single space between sentences and after colons.
  • Use tabs to indent items in a vertical list.
  • Use only standard word forms and abbreviations as described at or the Chicago Manual of Style, or in sections below.
  • Indicate in a note to the editor any special characters that a different printer may not print.
  • Check all cited material against the original source, and verify all cross-references for both content and citation.
  • Please embed any graphics, charts, images, and non-text elements into the document for peer reviewers to see. Be sure to COMPRESS the images to the lowest resolution possible.
    To compress images:

    • In MS Word, go to File → Help → Microsoft Office Help.
    • In the search bar, type in Compress Images.
    • Select: Reduce the file size of a picture. This will bring up instructions for reducing image sizes.

Note, upon submission of the final manuscript (after reviewer comments and edits have been made or addressed), all graphics must be uploaded separately, in their native file format (eps, tiff, jpeg, etc.), as separate, high resolution images. They must be uploaded to the FastTrack system under the submission ID of the manuscript.