All photos, diagrams, charts, and other graphic illustrations are to be labeled as figures and numbered sequentially, in order of reference in the text.

Each figure must have a caption.

Spell out and capitalize the word “figure” in running text and in captions.
Example: See Figure 1 or (Figure 1).

When an illustration is not originally created by the author of the publication, the author must get permission to use it (unless it is copyright-free or available under certain Creative Commons licenses).

Authors must also cite the source for any illustration that is not their own creation (typically as part of the caption).

In the source citation for any image used under a Creative Commons license, the type of CCL must be specified. WSU Extension publications cannot include images available under a Share-alike Creative Commons license.

Photos submitted for use in publications must be as high a resolution as possible—generally 300 dpi, with a file size of about 1 Mb (1000 kb). Images copied from web pages are typically not high enough resolution to work in Extension publications.