Italics are preferred for emphasis in running text, but use them sparingly.

Italics are used for figure captions in designed publications (not necessary in the manuscript stage).

Italics are required for scientific names (Latin binomials: Genus and species).

Example: Carduelis tristis (American goldfinch).

Example: Escherichia coli O157 (Note: Use the letter O, in this case.)

Italicize a genus name when used alone to refer to the genus, but set the genus name roman and lowercase when using the term generically.

Example: …testing for salmonella infection.

Italics (and headline case) are used in running text to denote publication titles and set them off from the surrounding text.

Example: Refer to the Home Gardener’s Guide to Soils and Fertilizers (Cogger 2005) for a more in-depth discussion of soil texture, structure, drainage, and pH.

Italics are used in reference lists for names of journals and titles of books. Extension publications are analogous to parts in a series.