Since its inception, the Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership has offered several professional development events to WSU personnel and external participants.  We offer ongoing leadership training through our Tidal Leadership Certificate Program.  In addition, we provide workshops, seminars and retreats.  A description of these events is provided below. 

Women’s Leadership Symposium

The Women’s Leadership Symposium (WLS) is a CTLL event that provides an ongoing context for women to explore and improve their abilities as successful leaders in their professional and personal lives.  Intended for all women, including early-career students and experienced professionals, these annual or semi-annual workshops facilitate opportunities for continued learning and growth by immersing participants to the latest leadership teachings in a dynamic experiential and community-based setting.

Past WLS events include:

Fall 2013 – In the Value-based Decision Making and Mentorship symposium, women explored making value-based decisions, acquired tools and strategies to expand influence, and built a network of inspiring women to share experiences and support on the journey to becoming influential leaders.

Spring 2014 The Exploring ACT workshop introduced participants to Acceptance and Commitment Training. Women explored core values and beliefs, developed mindfulness strategies for managing thoughts and emotions and practiced integrating value-based committed action into their lives.

Fall 2014 – Creating a Blueprint for Living a Bold, Embodied and Beautiful Life was a one- day workshop created to empower women to live an intentional life by design rather than resorting to habit and default. Participants created a blueprint for conscious living by exploring how to live boldly by developing courageous relationships, discovering the beauty in themselves and the world, and embodying wisdom through skillful actions.

CTLL Hosted Events

The CTLL is committed to providing WSU personnel, students, and community members access to quality professional and personal development opportunities.  As such, the CTLL partners with a variety of award-winning, international facilitators to create seminars and retreats.  Open to all, these hosted events provide participants an accessible and affordable opportunity to gain and integrate new skills to further self and career.

Here is a sampling of past events:

In January/February 2015, the CTLL hosted Grace by Krista Petty. This two and a half day workshop was a deeply restorative retreat which supported women on a transformational journey towards nourishing the body and soul. Women explored their heart’s desire and passions, discovered the gifts of self-compassion and self-acceptance, accessed feminine grace and power, and learned to live a life by design rather than default.

In March 2015, the CTLL hosted Kelly Wilson who presented Mindfulness and Values in a Stressed Out World. This two day event was an experiential seminar using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training (ACT) as a means of working with long-time barriers to living an intentional, values-driven life. Participants integrated mindfulness and values using ACT interventions to motivate personal growth and client change.


CTLL Customized Workshops

CTLL customized workshops are designed to create that “right fit” for specific professional development needs.  The CTLL facilitation team works with organizational partners to create a workshop or series of workshops that target the specific professional development needs for their organization.  This collaborative process ensures that specific outcomes are achieved.

In previous customized workshops we have focused on values work tailored to personal and organizational values, brand development, leadership, decision making, effective teamwork, and interpersonal communication. We have worked with a variety of organizations including the National Association of Plant Breeders, 4-H, Far West Agribusiness, and the University of Idaho Women’s Leadership.

For more information about CTLL Customized Workshops please contact Mary Kay Patton at or 509-335-1425.


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