We invite you to participate in the many value-added opportunities provided within CAHNRS to create an extraordinary undergraduate experience. In your courses you will engage with outstanding faculty members who, in many cases, also are world class researchers. We highly encourage you to get involved with one of the many opportunities offered through the CTLL.  Theses opportunities include:

  • Undergraduate research
  • Student clubs
  • Experiential learning classes
  • Internships with faculty and industry mentors
  • CAHNRS Coug Mentor Network
  • CAHNRS Coaches
  • International immersion

By applying what is learned in the classroom to real life scenarios, you will develop highly desirable skill sets that will improve your employability upon graduation.

How can the CTLL support you?

  • Promote and advertise internship and job opportunities
  • Oversee CAHNRS coaches, a network of current students who offer peer coaching to new students
  • Connect you to student clubs
  • Promote experiential learning classes
  • Serve as a gateway to international immersion opportunities

See what great things are happening on campus:

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CTLL Facebook

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How can you support the CTLL?

Our students play a large role in helping the CTLL to create an extraordinary undergraduate experience within CAHNRS. We encourage you to look into donating to the Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership as we continue to expand globally. For those who continue to support this organization, thank you.

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