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WSU Bear Center Volunteer News
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A bear with a bright pink collar on

Scientific bling on WSU bears

Several of our bears at the WSU Bear Center have some new brightly colored jewelry: energy-monitoring collars. The collars will collect vital information from the bears and contribute to a research project.

A bear playing with a toy

June enrichment photos and video

Photos and video of the bear enrichment program in action.

A lab technician working with under an exhasut hood

Studying fat production and circadian rhythms in grizzlies

WSU researchers are studying bears' fat cells to figure out how they can 'switch' on and off from what would be a diabetic state in humans.

Children looking at the bears playing in the grassy field

The WSU Children's Center visits the Bear Center

The WSU Children's Center has several classes that take field trips to the Bear Center. Here are photos of one class that visited during enrichment preparation.

Bear Center Merchandise

You can purchase Bear Center merchandise, including long- and short-sleeve T-shirts, vests, pullovers, and sweatshirts, to show the world you support our bears. Contact Brandon to learn more.