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County Civil Rights SharePoint site

This SharePoint site is used as a tool for housing your County Civil Rights files electronically. Each county has their own folder and a pre-labeled series of electronic folders to assist you in saving your documentation appropriately.
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County Civil Rights Checklist and Filing Guide

County Directors should use this checklist to lead faculty and staff annually to review progress toward the goals outlined in their County Civil Rights Plan, and to make office compliance procedures and files are up-to-date. All forms and information referenced below are included in this checklist.
County Civil Rights Checklist and Filing Guide

Planning and Advisory Systems

County Civil Rights Plan Example
Advisory Systems Members Spreadsheet – Sample

Public Notification Efforts

Statement of Nondiscrimination – Example. Must be on ALL WSU Extension printed or electronic material.
Reasonable Accommodation Statements – Samples. Must be on all meeting and training announcements.
Required Posters – Printable

Program Implementation and Participation

Reporting Contacts by County Spreadsheet – Sample Template
County Resources and Facilities Datasheet
ADA Compliance of County Office Guide – Checklist
Letter of Confirmation of Organizational Policy – Samples
Letter to Organization that Discriminates – Sample

Documentation and Reporting

County Civil Rights Training Record – Sample Template

Complaint Procedures

Faculty, staff, and volunteers must know and understand WSU and WSU Extension’s procedures for civil rights complaints and for filing employment discrimination and sexual harassment complaints.
Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Prevention – Online Training
Informal Complaint Resolution – link to policy
Formal Complaint Resolution

Pre-Employment Inquiry Guide
“All Reasonable Effort” guidelines
Policies/Laws/Regulations/Interpretations – link to policies page

Other Notices

Required safety-related materials must be posted on a bulletin board in a central location. All posters are also available in Spanish.
“Notice to Employees” for industrial insurance
“Job Safety and Health Law” for occupational safety and health, and
“Your Rights as a Worker in Washington State”

Top Tips

Staff Meeting Ideas
Documentation Tips
Census Bureau e-Tutorials
Census Bureau Information for WA

Policy & Guidelines

Non-Discrimination Policy
Our Roles & Responsibilities
Reaching Our Civil Rights Goals
Assessing Needs and Barriers
Public Notification
Sovereign Nations
Separation of Church and State
Providing Access Through Awareness
Planning,Training and Record Keeping
Compliance Tools and Links
Related Policies, Laws and Terms
Employment & Affirmative Action Policies

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