Faculty and Staff October 2017

October 2017 Kudos

Nick Pappin

, October 12, Great Customer Service | Submitted by Richard Iles

Firstly, Nick worked to resolve the problem of running an Android environment on a Windows 10 OS (others had attempted and failed). Secondly, he ensured that 8 tablets were appropriately configured. Thirdly, he did this in a short turn around to support approaching fieldwork.

Trevor Lane

, October 12, Supportive | Submitted by Tammy Folks

Trevor is not only a knowledgeable and hard-working director and faculty member; he cares about his staff and works diligently to keep our office a pleasant environment to work in. We are blessed to have him at the helm!

Laura Coughenour

, October 11 | Submitted by Amit Dhingra

A graduate student from my lab group approached Laura for support on submitting modifications to a grant. Laura was exceptionally supportive and worked with us to get the modifications prepared and submitted. She is very accessible and always willing to find out what she doesn’t know. A true team member!