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Welcome to Research Conversations!

Welcome to Research Conversations, a new regular communiqué from the CAHNRS Office of Research.Jim-Moyer-

Because CAHNRS covers an array of disciplines and is the center for highly motivated faculty and engaged students and staff, the free flow of communication is essential.

When I arrived at WSU over 18 months ago, my goals were to get to know each member of the college and to create a space for the voices of faculty, staff and students in the Office of Research, as well as to provide stakeholders greater insight into the activities of the CAHNRS Office of Research.

To better meet these challenges, I am dedicating space on the new Office of Research website for a conversation that is open to everyone, including stakeholders. Please look to this space not only for activities and information to help you to be more competitive in securing extramural funding, but also as a place to offer your insights into the current topic or to ask questions you may have about the CAHNRS Office of Research.

In the first half of 2015, look to Research Conversations for continuing discussions on topics like faculty competitiveness, or the integration of findings of the Vice President of Research’s 120-day study of the WSU research enterprise, as well as strategic planning and, perhaps most importantly, issues of interest to you.

Simply tell us in the space below what you would like us to address, and we will do our best to incorporate common themes in subsequent posts.

To set the stage for upcoming conversations, I’d like to tell you about a few of the activities sponsored by the Office of Research to date.

Increasing faculty competiveness

The Competitiveness Task Force, composed of faculty with strong research records, was established to address critical needs for increasing competitiveness for federal funding. A few of these needs have included:

  • The elimination of the development service charge for large grants. We are continuing to explore avenues to further reduce the administrative burden of larger grants on faculty.
  • Engagement of faculty in the development of core research facilities. Faculty oversight committees have been established for the new mass spectrometry imaging facility, our plant growth facilities, research farms in Whitman County, and land certified for organic research. A faculty research advisory committee will be established next.
  • Hiring and retaining highly successful faculty. The CAHNRS Phase I Hiring Initiative has resulted in the addition of over 20 outstanding new faculty to CAHNRS, bringing the total number of tenure track faculty close to 300. The early successes of this group of new faculty clearly indicate a bright future for CAHNRS, WSU, and our stakeholders.

Let’s start a conversation

This blog is meant to be a place to ask questions and to share your ideas, suggestions, and feedback. We won’t post individual comments publicly, but we will provide general responses online.

I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to actively participate in the improvement of the policies, processes, and strategic direction of the CAHNRS Office of Research. I highly value the insights provided by dialogue with faculty and stakeholders.

I hope this communication initiative will strengthen our relationships, the Office of Research, and our ability to support you in your research.

What topics would you like to discuss? What questions do you have that I could answer in this forum? Please share your thoughts here.

I look forward to hearing from you.



James W. Moyer
CAHNRS Associate Dean for Research
Director, Agricultural Research Center