2016 ERI Awards

Emerging Research Issues for Washington Agriculture 

2016 Internal Competitive Grant Program Funding Decisions

-January 28, 2016


The projects funded this year will impact food and health in Washington State and beyond. We thank the PIs, coPIs, cooperators, advisors, and stakeholders as well as the reviewers for their efforts at pursuing and promoting research of importance to agriculture, society, and science at WSU statewide.


2015 2nd Year Awards Funded in 2016

L. DeVetter      Biodegradable Agricultural Mulches: Assessing Potential for Chemical Migration in Horticultural Crops and Their Role in Organic Agriculture

L. Kalcits          Using a Stable Calcium Isotope Tracer to Measure Uptake and Distribution of Calcium in Deciduous Tree Fruit

C. Miles           Characterizing Cider Apple Juice and Varietal Cider Sensory Characteristics to Support New Market Development

C. Ross            Development of Foods with Modified Textures for Infants and Children with Feeding Difficulties

S. Sablani         Encapsulating Micronutrients for Developing Functional Foods

J. Sage             Implications of Increased Northern Corridor Oil and Coal Movement on Washington Agriculture

Z. Zhang           A Single-Step Method to Map Genes Underlying Phenotypes in Multiple Environments

J. Wu               Multi-scale Assessment of Phosphorus Pollution Potential in the Increasingly Urbanized Puget Sound Region


2016 New Awards (5 funded; 22 Proposals submitted)

I. Burke            Development of Procedures and Techniques to Utilize CRISPR/Cas9 Technology in Wheat Research

D. Brown         Sensor-Based Precision Orchard Management

M. Karkee       A Proof of Concept System using Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems for Mitigating Bird Damage in Fruit and Berry Crops

S. Roje             Elucidating roles of flavin cofactor availability in regulating metabolism in response to environmental cues

M. Zhu             Mechanisms beyond Preventive Effect of Fruit Consumption on Colerectal Cancer


The Associate Dean of Research appointed a Faculty Research Advisory Committee which reviewed these proposals. Reviewers were assigned and the panel met to discuss the proposals on January 11, 2016. The Chair of the Committee and the Assistant Director read all of the proposals. Recommendations from the committee were reviewed by the Associate Dean. Funding decisions were announced to PIs on January 28, 2016.