Weekly Published Research – February 19, 2016 | CAHNRS Office of Research | Washington State University

Weekly Published Research – February 19, 2016

sagebrush steppeSagebrush steppe recovery after disturbance, synthesizing jet fuel from plastics, modeling soil dynamics in 3-dimensions and time, and more.

This week,13 new articles co-authored by faculty and students in CAHNRS (in bold type) were added to the Web of Science database. (Articles are linked to abstracts only).

1. Title: Evaluating environmental DNA-based quantification of ranavirus infection in wood frog populations
Authors: Hall, Emily M.; Crespi, Erica J.; Goldberg, Caren S.; Brunner, Jesse L.
Source: MOLECULAR ECOLOGY RESOURCES, 16 (2):423-433; 10.1111/1755-0998.12461 MAR 2016

2. Title: Description of vegetation and soil properties in sagebrush steppe following pipeline burial, reclamation, and recovery time
Authors: Gasch, Caley K.; Huzurbazar, Snehalata V.; Stahl, Peter D.
Source: GEODERMA, 265 19-26; 10.1016/j.geoderma.2015.11.013 MAR 1 2016

3. Title: Adaptations in a Community-Based Family Intervention: Replication of Two Coding Schemes
Authors: Cooper, Brittany Rhoades; Shrestha, Gitanjali; Hyman, Leah; Hill, Laura
Source: JOURNAL OF PRIMARY PREVENTION, 37 (1):33-52; 10.1007/s10935-015-0413-4 FEB 2016

4. Title: A Caenorhabditis elegans model for ether lipid biosynthesis and function
Authors: Shi, Xun; Tarazona, Pablo; Brock, Trisha J.; Browse, John; Feussner, Ivo; Watts, Jennifer L.
Source: JOURNAL OF LIPID RESEARCH, 57 (2):265-275; 10.1194/jlr.M064808 FEB 2016

5. Title: TaXA21-A1 on chromosome 5AL is associated with resistance to multiple pests in wheat
Authors: Liu, Meiyan; Lei, Lei; Powers, Carol; Liu, Zhiyong; Campbell, Kimberly G.; Chen, Xianming; Bowden, Robert L.; Carver, Brett F.; Yan, Liuling
Source: THEORETICAL AND APPLIED GENETICS, 129 (2):345-355; 10.1007/s00122-015-2631-9 FEB 2016

6. Title: Shelf-to-basin iron shuttling enhances vivianite formation in deep Baltic Sea sediments
Authors: Reed, Daniel C.; Gustafsson, Bo G.; Slomp, Caroline P.
Source: EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 434 241-251; 10.1016/j.epsl.2015.11.033 JAN 15 2016

7. Title: Verification of radio frequency heating uniformity and Sitophilus oryzae control in rough, brown, and milled rice
Authors: Zhou, Liyang; Wang, Shaojin
Source: JOURNAL OF STORED PRODUCTS RESEARCH, 65 40-47; 10.1016/j.jspr.2015.12.003 JAN 2016

8. Title: Multigene Engineering in Rice Using High-Capacity Agrobacterium tumefaciens BIBAC Vectors
Authors: He, Ruifeng
Edited by: MacDonald J; Kolotilin I; Menassa R
Source: RECOMBINANT PROTEINS FROM PLANTS: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS, 2ND EDITION, 1385 29-37; 10.1007/978-1-4939-3289-4_2 2016
Book Series: Methods in Molecular Biology

9. Title: Synthesis of high-density jet fuel from plastics via catalytically integral processes
Authors: Zhang, Xuesong; Lei, Hanwu
Source: RSC ADVANCES, 6 (8):6154-6163; 10.1039/c5ra25327f 2016

10. Title: Characterization of Cytokinetic Mutants Using Small Fluorescent Probes
Authors: Smertenko, Andrei; Moschou, Panagiotis; Zhang, Laining; Fahy, Deirdre; Bozhkov, Peter
Edited by: Caillaud MC
Source: PLANT CELL DIVISION: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS, 1370 199-208; 10.1007/978-1-4939-3142-2_15 2016
Book Series: Methods in Molecular Biology

11. Title: Simulation of heating uniformity in a heating block system modified for controlled atmosphere treatments
Authors: Yan, Rongjun; Huang, Zhi; Zhu, Hankun; Johnson, Judy A.; Wang, Shaojin
Source: JOURNAL OF STORED PRODUCTS RESEARCH, 65 19-29; 10.1016/j.jspr.2015.11.003 JAN 2016

12. Title: Production of Antilisterial Bacteriocins from Lactic Acid Bacteria in Dairy-Based Media: A Comparative Study
Authors: Uenlue, Guelhan; Nielsen, Barbara; Ionita, Claudia
Source: PROBIOTICS AND ANTIMICROBIAL PROTEINS, 7 (4):259-274; 10.1007/s12602-015-9200-z DEC 2015

13. Title: Spatio-temporal interpolation of soil water, temperature, and electrical conductivity in 3D+T: The Cook Agronomy Farm data set
Authors: Gasch, Caley K.; Hengl, Tomislav; Graeler, Benedikt; Meyer, Hanna; Magney, Troy S.; Brown, David J.
Source: SPATIAL STATISTICS, 14 70-90; 10.1016/j.spasta.2015.04.001 A NOV 2015