Weekly Published Research – August 4, 2017 | CAHNRS Office of Research | Washington State University

Weekly Published Research – August 4, 2017

Loci and pathogens associated with lung lesions in feedlot cattle, impacts of cellulose fiber particle size and starch type on expansion during extrusion processing, and more.

This week, 10 new articles co-authored by CAHNRS faculty, students, and staff (in bold type) were added to the Web of Science database. (Articles are linked to abstracts only).

1. Title: Chemical and morphological evaluation of chars produced from primary biomass constituents: Cellulose, xylan, and lignin
Authors: Smith, Matthew W.; Pecha, Brennan; Helms, Greg; Scudiero, Louis; Garcia-Perez, Manuel
Source: BIOMASS & BIOENERGY, 104 17-35; SEP 2017

2. Title: Using stable isotope analysis to assess the effects of hypolimnetic oxygenation on diet in a mixed cold- and warmwater fish community
Authors: Skinner, Megan Marie; Cross, Benjamin K.; Moore, Barry C.
Source: ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY OF FISHES, 100 (8):1007-1017; AUG 2017

3. Title: The Role of Light-Dark Regulation of the Chloroplast ATP Synthase
Authors: Kohzuma, Kaori; Froehlich, John E.; Davis, Geoffry A.; Temple, Joshua A.; Minhas, Deepika; Dhingra, Amit; Cruz, Jeffrey A.; Kramer, David M.

4. Title: The effects of potato virus Y-derived virus small interfering RNAs of three biologically distinct strains on potato (Solanum tuberosum) transcriptome
Authors: Moyo, Lindani; Ramesh, Shunmugiah V.; Kappagantu, Madhu; Mitter, Neena; Sathuvalli, Vidyasagar; Pappu, Hanu R.
Source: VIROLOGY JOURNAL, 14 JUL 17 2017

5. Title: Isolation of a new Rathayibacter species from Sporobolus cryptandrus in Northcentral Idaho
Authors: Murray, Timothy; Schroeder, Brenda; Barrantes-Infante, Bianca L.
Source: PHYTOPATHOLOGY, 107 (7):19-20; S JUL 2017

6. Title: Impacts of Cellulose Fiber Particle Size and Starch Type on Expansion During Extrusion Processing
Authors: Kallu, Sravya; Kowalski, Ryan J.; Ganjyal, Girish M.
Source: JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, 82 (7):1647-1656; JUL 2017

7. Title: Green Pea and Garlic Puree Model Food Development for Thermal Pasteurization Process Quality Evaluation
Authors: Bornhorst, Ellen R.; Tang, Juming; Sablani, Shyam S.; Barbosa-Canovas, Gustavo V.; Liu, Fang
Source: JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, 82 (7):1631-1639; JUL 2017

8. Title: Atmospheric dust events in central Asia: Relationship to wind, soil type, and land us
Authors: Pi, Huawei; Sharratt, Brenton; Lei, Jiaqiang

9. Title: Evaluation of Flower, Fruit, and Juice Characteristics of a Multinational Collection of Cider Apple Cultivars Grown in the US Pacific Northwest
Authors: Miles, Carol A.; King, Jacqueline; Alexander, Travis Robert; Scheenstra, Edward
Source: HORTTECHNOLOGY, 27 (3):431-439; JUN 2017

10. Title: Rapid Communication: Subclinical bovine respiratory disease – loci and pathogens associated with lung lesions in feedlot cattle
Authors: Kiser, J. N.; Lawrence, T. E.; Neupane, M.; Seabury, C. M.; Taylor, J. F.; Womack, J. E.; Neibergs, H. L.
Source: JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 95 (6):2726-2731; JUN 2017