Weekly Published Research – September 15, 2017

Impact of screw geometry and specific mechanical energy in a co-rotating twin screw extruder, biosynthesis of diterpenoids in tripterygium adventitious root cultures, and more.

This week, 15 new articles co-authored by CAHNRS faculty, students, and staff (in bold type) were added to the Web of Science database. (Articles are linked to abstracts only).

  1. Title: Waxy flour degradation – Impact of screw geometry and specific mechanical energy in a co-rotating twin screw extruder
    Authors: Kowalski, Ryan J.; Hause, Jacob P.; Joyner (Melito), Helen; Ganjyal, Girish M.
    Source: FOOD CHEMISTRY, 239 688-696; JAN 12 2018
  2. Title: Linking morphology changes to barrier properties of polymeric packaging for microwave-assisted thermal sterilized food
    Authors: Zhang, Hongchao; Bhunia, Kanishka; Munoz, Nydia; Li, Li; Dolgovskij, Michail; Rasco, Barbara; Tang, Juming; Sablani, Shyam S.
    Source: JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, 134 (44): NOV 20 2017
  3. Title: Two functionally distinct NADP(+)-dependent ferredoxin oxidoreductases maintain the primary redox balance of Pyrococcus furiosus
    Authors: Nguyen, Diep M. N.; Schut, Gerrit J.; Zadvornyy, Oleg A.; Tokmina-Lukaszewska, Monika; Poudel, Saroj; Lipscomb, Gina L.; Adams, Leslie A.; Dinsmore, Jessica T.; Nixon, William J.; Boyd, Eric S.; Bothner, Brian; Peters, John W.; Adams, Michael W. W.
    Source: JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 292 (35):14603-14616; SEP 1 2017
  4. Title: Biosynthesis of Diterpenoids in Tripterygium Adventitious Root Cultures
    Authors: Inabuy, Fainmarinat S.; Fischedick, Justin T.; Lange, Iris; Hartmann, Michael; Srividya, Narayanan; Parrish, Amber N.; Xu, Meimei; Peters, Reuben J.; Lange, B. Markus
    Source: PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 175 (1):92-103; SEP 2017
  5. Title: Registration of ‘Loma’ Hard Red Winter Wheat
    Authors: Bruckner, P. L.; Berg, J. E.; Kephart, K. D.; Stougaard, R. N.; Pradhan, G. P.; Lamb, P. F.; Miller, J. H.; Briar, S. S.; Chen, C.; Nash, D. L.; Holen, D. L.; Cook, J. P.; Gale, S.; Jin, Y.; Kolmer, J. A.; Chen, X.; Bai, G.; Murray, T. D.
    Source: JOURNAL OF PLANT REGISTRATIONS, 11 (3):281-284; SEP 2017
  6. Title: Registration of ‘Jasper’ Soft White Winter Wheat
    Authors: Carter, A. H.; Jones, S. S.; Balow, K. A.; Shelton, G. B.; Burke, A. B.; Lyon, S.; Higginbotham, R. W.; Chen, X. M.; Engle, D. A.; Murray, T. D.; Morris, C. F.
    Source: JOU JOURNAL OF PLANT REGISTRATIONS, 11 (3):263-268; SEP 2017
  7. Title: Registration of ‘Sequoia’ Hard Red Winter Wheat
    Authors: Carter, A. H.; Jones, S. S.; Lyon, S. R.; Balow, K. A.; Shelton, G. B.; Burke, A.; Higginbotham, R. W.; Schillinger, W. F.; Chen, X. M.; Engle, D. A.; Morris, C. F.
    Source: JOURNAL OF PLANT REGISTRATIONS, 11 (3):269-274; SEP 2017
  8. Title: Registration of ‘Earl’ Hard White Winter Wheat
    Authors: Carter, A. H.; Kidwell, K. K.; Balow, K. A.; Burke, A.; Shelton, G. B.; Higginbotham, R. W.; DeMacon, V.; Lewien, M. J.; Chen, X. M.; Engle, D. A.; Morris, C. F.
    Source: JOURNAL OF PLANT REGISTRATIONS, 11 (3):275-280; SEP 2017
  9. Title: Identification of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitory peptides from mare whey protein hydrolysates
    Authors: Song, J. J.; Wang, Q.; Du, M.; Ji, X. M.; Mao, X. Y.
    Source: JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE, 100 (9):6885-6894; SEP 2017
  10. Title: Bacterial community diversity on in-shell walnut surfaces from six representative provinces in China
    Authors: Zhang, Lihui; Wang, Shaojin
    Source: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 AUG 30 2017
  11. Title: AMP-activated protein kinase: a therapeutic target in intestinal diseases
    Authors: Sun, Xiaofei; Zhu, Mei-Jun
    Source: OPEN BIOLOGY, 7 (8): AUG 2017
  12. Title: Inhibition of Shigella sonnei and Shigella flexneri in Hummus Using Citric Acid and Garlic Extract
    Authors: Olaimat, Amin N.; Al-Holy, Murad A.; Abu-Ghoush, Mahmoud H.; Osaili, Tareq M.; Al-Nabulsi, Anas A.; Rasco, Barbara A.
    Source: JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE, 82 (8):1908-1915; AUG 2017
  13. Title: Reliability of Measurement and Genotype X Environment Interaction for Potato Specific Gravity
    Authors: Wang, Yi; Snodgrass, Lance B.; Bethke, Paul C.; Bussan, Alvin J.; Holm, David G.; Novy, Richard G.; Pavek, Mark J.; Porter, Gregory A.; Rosen, Carl J.; Sathuvalli, Vidyasagar; Thompson, Asunta L.; Thornton, Michael T.; Endelman, Jeffrey B.
    Source: CROP SCIENCE, 57 (4):1966-1972; JUL-AUG 2017
  14. Title: Cultural adaptations of the Strengthening Families Programme 10-14 in the US Pacific Northwest: A qualitative evaluation
    Authors: Roulette, Jennifer W.; Hill, Laura G.; Diversi, Marcelo; Overath, Renee
    Source: HEALTH EDUCATION JOURNAL, 76 (2):169-181; MAR 2017
  15. Title: Pulsed vacuum drying of wolfberry: Effects of infrared radiation heating and electronic panel contact heating methods on drying kinetics, color profile, and volatile compounds
    Authors: Xie, Long; Mujumdar, A. S.; Zhang, Qian; Wang, Jun; Liu, Shuxiang; Deng, Lizheng; Wang, Dong; Xiao, Hong-Wei; Liu, Yan-Hong; Gao, Zhen-Jiang
    Source: DRYING TECHNOLOGY, 35 (11):1312-1326; SI 2017