Weekly Published Research – September 22, 2017 | CAHNRS Office of Research | Washington State University

Weekly Published Research – September 22, 2017

Maternal high fat diet alters offspring susceptibility to DSS-induced colitis, products with multiple certifications: insights from the US wine market, and more.

This week, 15 new articles co-authored by CAHNRS faculty, students, and staff (in bold type) were added to the Web of Science database. (Articles are linked to abstracts only).

  1. Title: Kinetics of Protein Degradation and Physical Changes in Thermally Processed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)
    Authors: Ovissipour, Mahmoudreza; Rasco, Barbara; Tang, Juming; Sablani, Shyam
    Source: FOOD AND BIOPROCESS TECHNOLOGY, 10 (10):1865-1882; OCT 2017
  2. Title: Genome-wide association study Identified multiple Genetic Loci on Chilling Resistance During Germination in Maize
    Authors: Hu, Guanghui; Li, Zhao; Lu, Yuncai; Li, Chunxia; Gong, Shichen; Yan, Shuqin; Li, Guoliang; Wang, Mingquan; Ren, Honglei; Guan, Haitao; Zhang, Zhengwei; Qin, Dongling; Chai, Mengzhu; Yu, Juping; Li, Yu; Yang, Deguang; Wang, Tianyu; Zhang, Zhiwu
    Source: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 SEP 7 2017
  3. Title: Managing the Commons: How Extension Facilitates Local Participation to Manage Natural Resources
    Authors: Mandal, Bidisha; Lawrence, Timothy
  4. Title: Gel-coated tubes extend above-freezing storage of honey bee (Apis mellifera) semen to 439 days with production of fertilised offspring
    Authors: Hopkins, Brandon K.; Cobey, Susan W.; Herr, Charles; Sheppard, Walter S.
    Source: REPRODUCTION FERTILITY AND DEVELOPMENT, 29 (10):1944-1949; SEP 2017
  5. Title: Products with multiple certifications: insights from the US wine market
    Authors: Waldrop, Megan E.; McCluskey, Jill J.; Mittelhammer, Ron C.
  6. Title: What causes flag smut of wheat?
    Authors: Savchenko, K. G.; Carris, L. M.; Demers, J.; Manamgoda, D. S.; Castlebury, L. A.
    Source: PLANT PATHOLOGY, 66 (7):1139-1148; SEP 2017
  7. Title: Trained and consumer panel evaluation of sparkling wines sweetened to brut or demi sec residual sugar levels with three different sugars
    Authors: McMahon, Kenneth M.; Diako, Charles; Aplin, Jesse; Mattinson, D. Scott; Culver, Caleb; Ross, Carolyn F.
    Source: FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL, 99 173-185; 1 SEP 2017
  8. Title: Large-scale deployment of a rice 6 K SNP array for genetics and breeding applications
    Authors: Thomson, Michael J.; Singh, Namrata; Dwiyanti, Maria S.; Wang, Diane R.; Wright, Mark H.; Perez, Francisco Agosto; DeClerck, Genevieve; Chin, Joong Hyoun; Malitic-Layaoen, Geraldine A.; Juanillas, Venice Margarette; Dilla-Ermita, Christine J.; Mauleon, Ramil; Kretzschmar, Tobias; McCouch, Susan R.
    Source: RICE, 10 AUG 30 2017
  9. Title: Yield Perceptions, Determinants and Adoption Impact of on Farm Varietal Mixtures for Common Bean and Banana in Uganda
    Authors: Nankya, Rose; Mulumba, John W.; Caracciolo, Francesco; Raimondo, Maria; Schiavello, Francesca; Gotor, Elisabetta; Kikulwe, Enoch; Jarvis, Devra I.
    Source: SUSTAINABILITY, 9 (8): AUG 2017
  10. Title: HP30-2, a mitochondrial PRAT protein for import of signal sequence-less precursor proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana
    Authors: Rossig, Claudia; Gray, John; Valdes, Oscar; Rustgi, Sachin; von Wettstein, Diter; Reinbothe, Christiane; Reinbothe, Steffen
    Source: JOURNAL OF INTEGRATIVE PLANT BIOLOGY, 59 (8):535-551; AUG 2017
  11. Title: Replacing Corn and Wheat in Layer Diets with Hulless Oats Shows Effects on Sensory Properties and Yolk Quality of Eggs
    Authors: Winkler, Louisa R.; Hasenbeck, Aimee; Murphy, Kevin M.; Hermes, James C
    Source: FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION, 4 JUL 31 2017
  12. Title: Purple Potato Extract Promotes Intestinal Barrier Function and Differentiation by Activating AMP-activated Protein Kinase
    Authors: Sun, Xiaofei; Du, Min; Navarre, Roy; Zhu, Mei-Jun
    Source: FASEB JOURNAL, 31 1 APR 2017
  13. Title: Raspberry intake reduces skeletal muscle lipid accumulation and improves insulin sensitivity in mice fed high fat diet
    Authors: Du, Min; Zou, Tiande; Wang, Bo; Liang, Xingwei; Zhu, Mei-Jun
    Source: FASEB JOURNAL, 31 1 APR 2017
  14. Title: Maternal high fat diet alters offspring susceptibility to DSS-induced colitis
    Authors: Bibi, Shima; Kang, Yifei; Du, Min; Zhu, Mei-Jun
    Source: FASEB JOURNAL, 31 1 APR 2017
  15. Title: Dietary pea protects against DSS-induced colitis in mice fed high fat diet
    Authors: Zhu, Meijun; Bibi, Shima; Moraes, Luis Fernando Sousa; Lebow, Noelle; Du, Min
    Source: FASEB JOURNAL, 31 1 APR 2017