Weekly Published Research – October 13, 2017

Thermodynamics and kinetics of two-electron brokering in biological redox chemistry, systematic bias of correlation coefficient may explain negative accuracy of genomic prediction, and more.

This week, 11 new articles co-authored by CAHNRS faculty, students, and staff (in bold type) were added to the Web of Science database. (Articles are linked to abstracts only).

  1. Title: Developing a flow through chamber system for automated measurements of soil N2O and CO2 emissions
    Authors: Kostyanovsky, K. I.; Huggins, D. R.; Stockle, C. O.; Waldo, S.; Lamb, B.
    Source: MEASUREMENT, 113 172-180; JAN 2018
  2. Title: Effect of dietary Tartary buckwheat extract supplementation on growth performance, meat quality and antioxidant activity in ewe lambs
    Authors: Zhao, Junxing; Li, Kan; Su, Rui; Liu, Wenzhong; Ren, Youshe; Zhang, Chunxiang; Du, Min; Zhang, Jianxing
    Source: MEAT SCIENCE, 134 79-85; DEC 2017
  3. Title: Unsupported transition metal-catalyzed hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol
    Authors: Tran, Chi-Cong; Stankovikj, Filip; Garcia-Perez, Manuel; Kaliaguine, Serge
    Source: CATALYSIS COMMUNICATIONS, 101 71-76; NOV 2017
  4. Title: Ex-situ catalytic upgrading of vapors from microwave-assisted pyrolysis of low-density polyethylene with MgO
    Authors: Fan, Liangliang; Zhang, Yaning; Liu, Shiyu; Zhou, Nan; Chen, Paul; Liu, Yuhuan; Wang, Yunpu; Peng, Peng; Cheng, Yanling; Addy, Min; Lei, Hanwu; Ruan, Roger
    Source: ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT, 149 432-441;  OCT 1 2017
  5. Title: Bioenergetics of Monoterpenoid Essential Oil Biosynthesis in Nonphotosynthetic Glandular Trichomes
    Authors: Johnson, Sean R.; Lange, Iris; Srividya, Narayanan; Lange, B. Markus
    Source: PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 175 (2):681-695; OCT 2017
  6. Title: Unraveling the interactions of the physiological reductant flavodoxin with the different conformations of the Fe protein in the nitrogenase cycle
    Authors: Pence, Natasha; Tokmina-Lukaszewska, Monika; Yang, Zhi-Yong; Ledbetter, Rhesa N.; Seefeldt, Lance C.; Bothner, Brian; Peters, John W.
    Source: JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 292 (38):15661-15669; 10.1074/jbc.M117.801548 SEP 22 2017
  7. Title: Effect of diverse weathering conditions on the physicochemical properties of biodegradable plastic mulches
    Authors: Hayes, Douglas G.; Wadsworth, Larry C.; Sintim, Henry Y.; Flury, Markus; English, Marie; Schaeffer, Sean; Saxton, Arnold M.
    Source: POLYMER TESTING, 62 454-467; SEP 2017
  8. Title: Geminiviruses and Plant Hosts: A Closer Examination of the Molecular Arms Race
    Authors: Ramesh, Shunmugiah V.; Sahu, Pranav P.; Prasad, Manoj; Praveen, Shelly; Pappu, Hanu R.
    Source: VIRUSES-BASEL, 9 (9): SEP 2017
  9. Title: Electron Bifurcation: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Two-Electron Brokering in Biological Redox Chemistry
    Authors: Zhang, Peng; Yuly, Jonathon L.; Lubner, Carolyn E.; Mulder, David W.; King, Paul W.; Peters, John W.; Beratan, David N.
    Source: ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH, 50 (9):2410-2417; SEP 2017
  10. Title: Systematic bias of correlation coefficient may explain negative accuracy of genomic prediction
    Authors: Zhou, Yao; Vales, M. Isabel; Wang, Aoxue; Zhang, Zhiwu
    Source: BRIEFINGS IN BIOINFORMATICS, 18 (5):744-753; SEP 2017
  11. Title: A full factorial study on the effect of tannins, acidity, and ethanol on the temporal perception of taste and mouthfeel in redwine
    Authors: Frost, Scott C.; Harbertson, James F.; Heymann, Hildegarde
    Source: FOOD QUALITY AND PREFERENCE, 62 1-7; DEC 2017