Weekly Published Research – October 6, 2017

Responses of Aphid Vectors of Potato leaf roll virus to Potato Varieties, exploring Japanese consumers’ cultural meanings and consumption of American fashion, and more.

This week, 18 new articles co-authored by CAHNRS faculty, students, and staff (in bold type) were added to the Web of Science database. (Articles are linked to abstracts only).

  1. Title: Improvement in the quantification of reducing sugars by miniaturizing the Somogyi-Nelson assay using a microtiter plate
    Authors: Shao, Yijing; Lin, Amy Hui-Mei
    Source: FOOD CHEMISTRY, 240 898-903; FEB 1 2018
  2. Title: Validation and characterization of a QTL for adult plant resistance to stripe rust on wheat chromosome arm 6BS (Yr78)
    Authors: Dong, Zhenzhen; Hegarty, Joshua M.; Zhang, Junli; Zhang, Wenjun; Chao, Shiaoman; Chen, Xianming; Zhou, Yonghong; Dubcovsky, Jorge
    Source: THEORETICAL AND APPLIED GENETICS, 130 (10):2127-2137; OCT 2017
  3. Title: Responses of Aphid Vectors of Potato leaf roll virus to Potato Varieties
    Authors: Mondal, Shaonpius; Wenninger, Erik J.; Hutchinson, Pamela J. S.; Whitworth, Jonathan L.; Shrestha, Deepak; Eigenbrode, Sanford D.; Bosque-Perez, Nilsa A.; Snyder, William E.
    Source: PLANT DISEASE, 101 (10):1812-1818; OCT 2017
  4. Title: Zebra chip disease enhances respiration and oxidative stress of potato tubers (Solanum tuberosum L.)
    Authors: Kumar, G. N. Mohan; Knowles, Lisa O.; Knowles, N. Richard
    Source: PLANTA, 246 (4):625-639; OCT 2017
  5. Title: How to increase student participation and engagement using Padlet: A case study of collaborative discussion in an animal sciences course.
    Authors: Sundararajan, N.; Maquivar, M. G.
    Source: JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 95 356-356; 4 AUG 2017
  6. Title: Effect of an active learning classroom on critical thinking dispositions, motivation to go to class, social community, and learning skills in an animal Sciences course
    Authors: Maquivar, M. G.; Sundararajan, N.
    Source: JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 95 355-355; 4 AUG 2017
  7. Title: How much does a ram lose during the breeding season? Assessment of pre- and postbreeding reproductive traits of rams in a range flock in the Pacific Northwest.
    Authors: Stotts, M. J.; Corpron, M. R.; Moffitt, N. R.; Mutch, J. L.; Smith, S. M.; Busboom, J. R.; Benson, M. E.; Maquivar, M. G.
    Source: JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 95 328-329; 4 AUG 2017
  8. Title: The role of diet composition fed during residual feed intake determinations and the impact of the diet on the gene sets associated with efficiency as determined by a gene set enrichment analysis
    Authors: Mutch, J. L.; Neibergs, H. L.; Neupane, M.; Michal, J. J.; Garrick, D. J.; Kerley, M. S.; Shike, D. W.; Beever, J. E.; Hansen, S. L.; Taylor, J. F.; Johnson, K. A.
    Source: JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 95 287-288; 4 AUG 2017
  9. Title: Vitamin A, Zfp423 and intramuscular adipogenesis in beef cattle.
    Authors: Harris, C. L.; Du, M.; Nelson, M. L.; Busboom, J. R.
    Source: JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 95 260-260; 4 AUG 2017
  10. Title: Is the time of insemination linked with the reproductive response of the animal? Assessment of follicular size at fixed-time artificial insemination and behavioral patterns in beef cattle following seven-day CO-Synch plus controlled internal drug release estrus synchronization protocol.
    Authors: Corpron, M. R.; Griffiths, R.; Parish, S.; Maquivar, M. G.
    Source: JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 95 58-59; 4 AUG 2017
  11. Title: ‘Sunbelt’ as a Possible ‘Concord’ Juice Grape Partner in a Warming World
    Authors: Keller, Markus; Mills, Lynn J.
    Source: HORTTECHNOLOGY, 27 (4):557-562; AUG 2017
  12. Title: Multi-Locus Mixed Model Analysis Of Stem Rust Resistance In Winter Wheat
    Authors: Mihalyov, Paul D.; Nichols, Virginia A.; Bulli, Peter; Rouse, Matthew N.; Pumphrey, Michael O.
    Source: PLANT GENOME, 10 (2): JUL 2017
  13. Title: Genetic analysis of soft white wheat end-use quality traits in a club by common wheat cross
    Authors: Jernigan, Kendra L.; Morris, Craig F.; Zemetra, Robert; Chen, Jianli; Garland-Campbell, Kimberly; Carter, Arron H.
    Source: JOURNAL OF CEREAL SCIENCE, 76 148-156; JUL 2017
  14. Title: Identification of SNPs, QTLs, and dominant markers associated with wheat grain flavor using genotyping-by-sequencing
    Authors: Kiszonas, Alecia M.; Boehm, Jeffrey D., Jr.; See, Deven; Morris, Craig F.
    Source: JOURNAL OF CEREAL SCIENCE, 76 140-147; JUL 2017
  15. Title: Identification of gene and gene sets enriched for heifer conception rate in US Holstein heifers
    Authors: Dalton, J.; Burns, G. W.; Spencer, T. E.; Neibergs, H. L.
    Source: JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 95 12-13; 2 MAR 2017
  16. Title: Exploring Japanese consumers’ cultural meanings and consumption of American fashion
    Authors: Lee, Juyoung; Son, Jihyeong
  17. Title: Asset Mapping, the Social Fabric Matrix, Economic Impact Analysis, and Criteria for Sustainability and Justice: Operational Elements for Holistic Policy Planning
    Authors: Underwood, Daniel A.; Friesner, Dan
    Source: JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ISSUES, 51 (3):813-827; 2017
  18. Title: Botrytis euroamericana, a new species from peony and grape in North America and Europe
    Authors: Garfinkel, Andrea R.; Lorenzini, Marilinda; Zapparoli, Giacomo; Chastagner, Gary A.
    Source: MYCOLOGIA, 109 (3):495-507; 2017