Weekly Published Research – January 19, 2018

Automated detection of branch shaking locations for robotic cherry harvesting using machine vision, and more.

This week, 5 new articles co-authored by CAHNRS faculty, students, and staff (in bold type) were added to the Web of Science database. (Articles are linked to abstracts only).

  1. Title: Exporters in cross-section: Direct versus intermediated trade
    Authors: Wang, Qianqian; Gibson, Mark J.
    Source:  REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS, 26 (1):84-95; FEB 2018
  2. Title: Developing treatment protocols for disinfesting pine wood product using radio frequency energy
    Authors: Zhao, Liang; Wang, Shaojin
    Source: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND WOOD PRODUCTS, 76 (1):191-200; JAN 2018
  3. Title: Effect of heat stress on production and in-vitro antioxidant activity of polysaccharides in Ganoderma lucidum
    Authors: Tan, Xiaoyan; Sun, Junshe; Xu, Zhangyang; Li, Hengchang; Hu, Jing; Ning, Huijuan; Qin, Zifang; Pei, Haisheng; Sun, Tian; Zhang, Xiuqing
  4. Title: Automated Detection of Branch Shaking Locations for Robotic Cherry Harvesting Using Machine Vision
    Authors: Amatya, Suraj; Karkee, Manoj; Zhang, Qin; Whiting, Matthew D.
    Source: ROBOTICS, 6 (4): DEC 2017
  5. Title: r/K-like trade-off and voltinism discreteness: The implication to allochronic speciation in the fall webworm, Hyphantria cunea complex (Arctiidae)
    Authors: Yang, Fan; Kawabata, Eriko; Tufail, Muhammad; Brown, John J.; Takeda, Makio
    Source: ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, 7 (24):10592-10603; DEC 2017