Weekly Published Research – January 26, 2018

Estimation of market equilibrium values for apple attributes, climate change and dryland wheat systems in the US Pacific Northwest, and more.

This week, 7 new articles co-authored by CAHNRS faculty, students, and staff (in bold type) were added to the Web of Science database. (Articles are linked to abstracts only).

  1. Title: Production of Jet Fuel-Range Hydrocarbons from Hydrodeoxygenation of Lignin over Super Lewis Acid Combined with Metal Catalysts
    Authors: Wang, Hongliang; Wang, Huamin; Kuhn, Eric; Tucker, Melvin P.; Yang, Bin
    Source: CHEMSUSCHEM, 11 (1):285-291; JAN 10 2018
  2. Title: Estimation of market equilibrium values for apple attributes
    Authors: Choi, Jong Woo; Yue, Chengyan; Luby, James; Zhao, Shuoli; Gallardo, Karina; McCracken, Vicki; McFerson, Jim
    Source: CHINA AGRICULTURAL ECONOMIC REVIEW, 10 (1):135-151; 2018
  3. Title: Optimizing Microwave-Assisted Pyrolysis of Phosphoric Acid-Activated Biomass: Impact of Concentration on Heating Rate and Carbonization Time
    Authors: Villota, Elmar M.; Lei, Hanwu; Qian, Moriko; Yang, Zixu; Villota, Shiela Marie A.; Zhang, Yayun; Yadavalli, Gayatri
    Source: ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, 6 (1):1318-1326; JAN 2018
  4. Title: Climate change and dryland wheat systems in the US Pacific Northwest
    Authors: Karimi, T.; Stoeckle, C. O.; Higgins, S.; Nelson, R.
    Source: AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS, 159 144-156; JAN 2018
  5. Title: Extracellular ATP Acts on Jasmonate Signaling to Reinforce Plant Defense
    Authors: Tripathi, Diwaker; Zhang, Tong; Koo, Abraham J.; Stacey, Gary; Tanaka, Kiwamu
    Source: PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 176 (1):511-523; JAN 2018
  6. Title: A new method to determine the water activity and the net isosteric heats of sorption for low moisture foods at elevated temperaturesAuthors: Tadapaneni, Ravi Kiran; Yang, Ren; Carter, Brady; Tang, Juming
    Source: FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL, 102 203-212; DEC 2017
  7. Title: Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Fraction Accumulation with Long-Term Biosolids Applications
    Authors: Pan, W. L.; Port, L. E.; Xiao, Y.; Bary, A. I.; Cogger, C. G.
    Source: SOIL SCIENCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA JOURNAL, 81 (6):1381-1388; NOV-DEC 2017