Weekly Published Research – February 2, 2018

The role of caregivers in physical activity for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease, Thermal decomposition behavior and kinetics for pyrolysis and catalytic pyrolysis of Douglas fir, and more.

This week, 13 new articles co-authored by CAHNRS faculty, students, and staff (in bold type) were added to the Web of Science database. (Articles are linked to abstracts only).

  1. Title: The Role of Caregivers in Physical Activity for Older Adults With Alzheimer’s Disease
    Authors: Kim, Eunsaem; Ullrich-French, Sarah; Bolkan, Cory; Hill, Laura Griner
  2. Title: Contrasting species boundaries between sections Alternaria and Porri of the genus Alternaria
    Authors: Ozkilinc, H.; Rotondo, F.; Pryor, B. M.; Peever, T. L.
    Source: PLANT PATHOLOGY, 67 (2):303-314; FEB 2018
  3. Title: Impact of Canopy Destruction from Simulated Hail on Potato Yield and Economic Return
    Authors: Pavek, M. J.; Shelton, Seth; Holden, Z. J.; Weddell, B. J.
    Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POTATO RESEARCH, 95 (1):33-44; FEB 2018
  4. Title: Reveille Russet: An Early, Widely Adapted, High-Count-Carton Russet for the Fresh Market
    Authors: Miller, J. C., Jr.; Scheuring, D. C.; Koym, J. W.; Holm, D. G.; Pavek, J. J.; Novy, R. G.; Whitworth, J. L.; Stark, J. C.; Charlton, B. A.; Yilma, S.; Knowles, N. R.; Pavek, M. J.; Nunez, J. J.; Wilson, R.; Brown, C. R.; Shock, C. C.; Long, C. M.
    Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POTATO RESEARCH, 95 (1):79-86; FEB 2018
  5. Title: The Effect of Alfalfa Residue Incorporation on Soil Bacterial Communities and the Quantity of Verticillium dahliae Microsclerotia in Potato Fields in the Columbia Basin of Washington State, USA
    Authors: Frederick, Z. A.; Cummings, T. F.; Johnson, D. A.
    Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POTATO RESEARCH, 95 (1):15-25; FEB 2018
  6. Title: Sensory Evaluation of Eleven Baked Russet-type Potato Varieties and Clones
    Authors: Spear, Rulon R.; Holden, Zach J.; Ross, C. F.; Weddell, B. J.; Pavek, Mark J.
    Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POTATO RESEARCH, 95 (1):92-100; FEB 2018
  7. Title: Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Fraction Accumulation with Long-Term Biosolids Applications
    Authors: Pan, W. L.; Port, L. E.; Xiao, Y.; Bary, A. I.; Cogger, C. G.
    Source: SOIL SCIENCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA JOURNAL, 81 (6):1381-1388; NOV-DEC 2017
  8. Title: Dose- and type-dependent effects of long-chain fatty acids on adipogenesis and lipogenesis of bovine adipocytes
    Authors: Chen Yanting; Yang, Q. Y.; Ma, G. L.; Du, M.; Harrison, J. H.; Block, E.
    Source: JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE, 101 (2):1601-1615; FEB 2018
  9. Title: Timing of susceptibility of highbush blueberry cultivars in northwestern Washington to Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi, the cause of mummy berry
    Authors: Harteveld, D. O. C.; Peever, T. L.
    Source: PLANT PATHOLOGY, 67 (2):477-487; FEB 2018
  10. Title: Defense Enzyme Responses in Dormant Wild Oat and Wheat Caryopses Challenged with a Seed Decay Pathogen
    Authors: Fuerst, E. Patrick; James, Matthew S.; Pollard, Anne T.; Okubara, Patricia A.
  11. Title: Thermal decomposition behavior and kinetics for pyrolysis and catalytic pyrolysis of Douglas fir
    Authors: Wang, Lu; Lei, Hanwu; Liu, Jian; Bu, Quan
    Source: RSC ADVANCES, 8 (4):2196-2202; 2018
  12. Title: Identification of potential genes that contributed to the variation in the taxoid contents between two Taxus species (Taxus media and Taxus mairei)
    Authors: Yu, Chunna; Guo, Hong; Zhang, Yangyang; Song, Yaobin; Pi, Erxu; Yu, Chenliang; Zhang, Lei; Dong, Ming; Zheng, Bingsong; Wang, Huizhong; Shen, Chenjia
    Source: TREE PHYSIOLOGY, 37 (12):1659-1671; DEC 2017
  13. Title: An overview of a novel concept in biomass pyrolysis: microwave irradiation
    Authors: Zhang, Xuesong; Rajagopalan, Kishore; Lei, Hanwu; Ruan, Roger; Sharma, Brajendra K.
    Source: SUSTAINABLE ENERGY & FUELS, 1 (8):1664-1699; OCT 2017