Conflict of Interest

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is synonymous with the term confidential disclosure agreement (CDA). Typically, OGRD will prepare and sign an NDA when there is an initial engagement between an outside entity and a WSU faculty member; however, WSU-OC may also handle such engagements and relevant documentation. Please go to this web address at OGRD for a copy of a typical NDA. You may also contact Roger Feeley at or 509-335-5447 for additional information and to prepare an OGRD NDA.

Once an official of WSU-OC is involved in the discussion with the company and the faculty member, WSU-OC is normally responsible for the preparation and signature of the NDA/CDA. It is at this point that the technology/invention is viewed as being “informally” disclosed to WSU. The forms that WSU-OC uses to carry out this function are very similar to those that OGRD uses. Please contact Denise Keeton at WSU-OC at or 509-335-1210 for additional information and for the preparation of a CDA.

MTAs (Material Transfer Agreements) are handled by both OGRD and WSU-OC. Generally speaking, if proprietary research materials are being brought into the university, OGRD handles the associated paperwork. Please go to this web address for additional information:

If research materials are being sent out of the university, WSU-OC handles the paperwork. If seeds of cereal grain varieties or horticultural plant breeding materials are being sent outside of WSU, you should contact Tom Kelly at kellytj@wsu.eduor 509-335-3691.