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Green_picture2A growing human population presents increasing environmental challenges around the world. The Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences major prepares you to understand the dynamics of ecology, environmental science, and conservation management of natural resources, wildlife and sustainable ecosystems and landscapes so you are equipped to solve these global challenges.With our integrated curriculum here in the School of the Environment you will learn to:

  • Understand the dynamic forces of climate change, global change and human influence on biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Apply the latest science and technology to help solve environmental problems and conserve and manage natural resources, landscapes and ecosystems. This highly flexible degree program allows you to select coursework in areas of advanced ecology and environmental science to support your career development. We provide practical, hands-on experience and training to help you understand the dynamic processes influencing life on Earth.

Your Course of Study

Like all other majors your freshman year you will begin your studies with general university requirements, carefully selected introductory science course, and a set of core courses to prepare you for your advances ecosystem studies in the School of the Environment.

Your degree in Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences includes opportunities for both experiential learning with field trips, internships and study abroad as well as capstone courses to apply your scientific knowledge in a problem-solving atmosphere.

In addition to the School of the Environment core courses advanced professional electives taken your sophomore, junior and senior years include courses in the areas of:

  • Animal Ecology Climate Change Biology
  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • Landscape Ecology and Management
  • Plant Ecology
  • Restoration Ecology
  • Spatial/Quantitative Ecology
  • Advanced Conservation Science
  • Advanced Earth Science, Environmental Management & Sustainability
  • Advanced Environmental Policy/Social Science
  • Aquatic Ecosystems & Water Science
  • Seminar/Special Topics/Mino/Senior Thesis/Study Abroad


Suggested Strengths and Interests for a Major in Environmental & Ecosystem Sciences

  • Enjoying the outdoors/working outside
  • Science, biology, ecology, and studying plants and animals in their natural habitat
  • Hands-on learning for restoring environments
  • Environmental and sustainability education
  • Applying science and finding solutions to environmental, resource conservation, and sustainability issues
  • Management and preservation of natural areas and ecosystems
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