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Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Sciences

As a Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences major at WSU, you will receive a strong foundation in Science and research to support conservation and management of biological diversity and wildlife populations on both natural and managed landscapes.

With our integrated curriculum in the School of the Environment you will learn to:

  • Use the latest Science and technology to explore the fascinating ecology of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles.
  • Understand and evaluate the historical, social, economic and ethical factors that influence wildlife conservation
  • Manage wildlife species and conserve habitats using principals of landscape ecology and ecosystem management

The combination of coursework flexibility and broad understanding of the ecological sciences helps you fully understand the many forces of global change that affect the management, conservation, habitat and health of wild animals.

Our program offers numerous hands-on experiences and course work with wildlife in order to prepare you for a diverse and rewarding career once you graduate.

The Wildlife Ecology and Conservation program also includes a pre-veterinary option if you are interested in future admission to the veterinary school.

Your Course of Study

At Washington State University you will begin your freshman year with general university requirements which will include introductory science course and shared common core course to prepare you for your advanced studies that will be take your sophomore-senior years.

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences Courses

  • Methods of Wildlife Ecology
  • Wildlife Ecology
  • Wildlife Nutrition
  • Wildlife Habitat Ecology
  • Population Ecology
  • Conservation Biology
  • Animal Systematics: Biology and Management of Fishes, Ornithology, Mammalogy, and Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Restoration Ecology


Wildlife Ecology Electives

You may specialize your degree to fit your interest or career goals:

  • Work closely with your faculty advisor to choose a set of advanced ecology electives to match your interests and enhance your career goals.
  • Pre-Veterinary Studies: Expert advisors help you fulfill prerequisites and build the science skills you need to successfully apply to Veterinary School at WSUor elsewhere. (Because a pre-veterinary pathway requires extra science course you should begin option your freshman year.)
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