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The E.H. Steffen Center is a field and laboratory research and teaching facility located on the east edge of campus at Washington State University. The facility comprises 58 acres containing wildlife facilities and pens, a greenhouse-laboratory-shop facility, several small forest plantations, wetlands, uplands, and numerous specialized planting areas.

The greenhouse-laboratory-shop facility encompasses 11,400 square feet of floor space. This includes 3,000 square feet of controlled environment greenhouses equipped with supplemental lighting, connecting head house, controlled environment germinators, laboratories, classroom, offices and shop area. The shop contains implements necessary for maintaining facility areas including tractors, a pickup truck, and metal and wood power tools. Just outside the greenhouse-laboratory-shop facility are walk-in coolers, lath house, nursery areas, and an adjacent 1,350 sq ft implement shed.

The E. H. Steffen Center complex also includes indoor and outdoor captive wildlife facilities used by various wildlife faculty. Caribou, moose, mule deer, and elk have been housed in large outdoor pens as part of ongoing research efforts over the past ten years. Similarly, porcupines and blue duiker antelope are currently housed in the indoor and outdoor runs.  Most of the research conducted at the E. H. Steffen Center has revolved around understanding the nutrition and foraging behavior of herbivores. These studies have determined the nitrogen, energy, and other nutrient requirements of these species, the effects of fiber and tannins on digestion and passage of forages and how herbivores select and harvest vegetation. Some of the forages used for these experiments are grown on the site.

E. H. Steffen Center is also used extensively in support of the department’s teaching program.  The center’s numerous specialized plantings provide a critical source of plant materials for the teaching of plant identification.  Similarly, the facility is used extensively for a wide variety of elementary forest and range measurement exercises.  Wildlife students use the facility to learn the basics of radiotelemetry, live capture techniques, and the measurement of habitat quality for various wildlife species among other activities.

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For information on the facilities, greenhouses, and properties of the E.H. Steffen Center, contact:

John Fluegel
Steffen Center Manager
(509) 335-4371

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