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Master’s Programs

We currently offer three Master of Science programs:

Students may be accepted into the graduate program with undergraduate degrees other than Geology, Environmental Science or Natural Resource Sciences.
These students, however, may need to complete additional courses to cover deficiencies. Courses taken to satisfy deficiencies cannot be included in the program of study. Each student, in consultation with his/her graduate committee, will develop a plan of study. This plan outlines what courses will be required for completion of the degree. To develop a plan of study, students may choose from a variety of graduate and selected undergraduate courses offered in the area of emphasis. In addition, courses may be selected from a number of related courses in other programs of the University.

Each program may have its own required core courses (a list of these courses may be obtained from your faculty mentor).


Before first semester registration meet with faculty advisor to plan course of study for first semester:

  • Attend TA workshops, if applicable
  • Before second semester registration, determine research supervisor and establish committee
  • Submit program of study to Graduate School
  • During last semester, apply for degree
  • At least 14 calendar days before scheduling final examination, submit final draft of thesis to committee members
  • At least 14 calendar days before requested examination or no later than scheduling of final examination


SoE Graduate Studies By-laws


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