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The Tidal Leadership Difference

Award-winning and consistently high-quality, Tidal Leadership will elevate your personal and professional development.

All of us have admired someone with amazing, seemingly innate leadership abilities. Why do people follow that person? Why are their ideas accepted and influential? Chances are, they are not a natural-born leader—they are purposefully practicing Tidal Leadership principles.

Tidal Leadership asserts that leadership does not hinge on a title, job description, or position. Instead, it is an intentional, values-based choice. While other management training programs impart generic leadership techniques, the Tidal Leadership Certificate program helps you discover, then build upon, your own unique leadership style, empowering you to become an authentically effective leader.

Designed for educators, non-profit and corporate managers, graduate students, entry-level professionals, and anyone interested in expanding their leadership ability, the Tidal Leadership Certificate online program is an essential leadership training component for anyone wishing to advance their career.

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“The Tidal Leadership program changed my perceptions of what leader and leadership mean. If I had taken this course during my bachelor degree program or before the leadership positions I have held in the past on my various jobs in my community and in my social organizations I could have done things differently. I know now that leadership is about helping and influencing your team members to make optimum use of their potentials to achieve goals. It is about leading by example, helping others to identify, and improving themselves. I recommend this program to all undergraduate students irrespective of their specialties and all leaders, most especially leaders in African countries. The knowledge acquired here is priceless and will be a guide in managing both human and natural resources to achieve set goals. It is a great value for the money and time well spent. I rated this course as one of my best courses at WSU and the teacher, Dr. Yost, was great.”

– AyodeleMasters Student in Agriculture

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Tidal leadership for Women

Designed for women, by women, this program addresses the particular challenges and opportunities faced by women leaders. Influencing others is a powerful skill.

Tidal Leadership for Working Professionals

Designed to provide opportunities for participants to acquire “beyond the discipline” skills that are essential for success in the work place. The Tidal Leadership Certificate shifts the focus from what you are to who you are and how you build effective working relationships with people regardless of your professional title.

Tidal Leadership for Graduate Students

Designed for graduate students as a for-credit course, tidal leadership is a course that uses engagement and reflection to support students with creating and implementing their personalized value-based leadership platform.