Tidal Leadership The Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership


“Tidal Leadership has allowed me to explore concepts of leadership in a mindful and supportive context. I now have tools that increase my effectiveness as a leader and helped transform me into a better person.”

– JoanChair & Professor, AMDT
“Tidal leadership has had a profound impact on how I intend to lead and live my life and is unlike any other leadership class I have taken. I learned practical and realistic advice and this has helped me communicate and connect with others in a deeper and more genuine way. It has pushed me to dig deep about my values and purpose and have the courage to risk being vulnerable. In a nutshell, this course has inspired me to continuously lead by example.”

– Melaniegraduate studentSchool of the Environment in Natural ResourcesPresident of the GPSA
“What I valued most about Tidal Leadership was its holistic approach to becoming a leader, and its emphasis on “process.” I would recommend Tidal Leadership to anyone, especially any graduate student. I experienced one of my best semesters of graduate school while taking Tidal Leadership, and I firmly believe it had everything to do with the skills and relationships I built throughout the course. “

– Laurengraduate studentSociology
“[TIDAL LEADERSHIP] completely changed my view of leadership and the characteristics that make great leaders. It gave me tools to look at my own actions and behavior clearly, to assess my abilities as a leader, and to put thoughts into actions that reflect my core values.”

– ToddANR Program Director, CAHNRS
“Tidal Leadership gave me the tools to successfully navigate complex and challenging transitions at work and in my life.”

– ColleenAssociate Director, International Research and Development

Olatubosun Ayodele

The Tidal Leadership program changed my ideas of what leadership means. Had I taken this course prior to the positions I have held, I may have done things differently. Helping and influencing your team members to make optimum use of their potentials to achieve goals is true leadership. More importantly, Leadership is about leading by example. I recommend Tidal Leadership to all students. The knowledge acquired here is priceless, and will be a guide in managing both human and natural resources to achieve set goals.”

– AyodeleMasters Student in Agriculture