Tidal Leadership The Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership


“The Tidal Leadership program changed my perceptions of what leader and leadership mean. If I had taken this course during my bachelor degree program or before the leadership positions I have held in the past on my various jobs in my community and in my social organizations I could have done things differently. I know now that leadership is about helping and influencing your team members to make optimum use of their potentials to achieve goals. It is about leading by example, helping others to identify, and improving themselves. I recommend this program to all undergraduate students irrespective of their specialties and all leaders, most especially leaders in African countries. The knowledge acquired here is priceless and will be a guide in managing both human and natural resources to achieve set goals. It is a great value for the money and time well spent. I rated this course as one of my best courses at WSU and the teacher, Dr. Yost, was great.”

– AyodeleMasters Student in Agriculture
“Tidal Leadership showed me that encountering life’s challenges does not have to be a negative experience. Navigating interpersonal relationships successfully requires a tool set; Tidal Leadership provides those tools.”

– Alisongraduate studentCrop and Soils
“Tidal leadership has had a profound impact on how I intend to lead and live my life and is unlike any other leadership class I have taken. I learned practical and realistic advice and this has helped me communicate and connect with others in a deeper and more genuine way. It has pushed me to dig deep about my values and purpose and have the courage to risk being vulnerable. In a nutshell, this course has inspired me to continuously lead by example.”

– Melaniegraduate studentSchool of the Environment in Natural ResourcesPresident of the GPSA
“Tidal Leadership has allowed me to explore concepts of leadership in a mindful and supportive context. I now have tools that increase my effectiveness as a leader and helped transform me into a better person.”

– JoanChair & Professor, AMDT
“In two months, the CTLL understood our training needs and then designed and delivered a custom leadership program. They hit the nail on the head, inspiring us to think about our long-term strategy and goals, work as a team and move forward in an ever-changing business climate.”

– MarkManager Marketing and ProcurementLand View Inc. and Two Rivers TerminalFWAA Board of Directors President, 2016
“[TIDAL LEADERSHIP] completely changed my view of leadership and the characteristics that make great leaders. It gave me tools to look at my own actions and behavior clearly, to assess my abilities as a leader, and to put thoughts into actions that reflect my core values.”

– ToddANR Program Director, CAHNRS