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CAHNRS Administration

Administrative Contacts

Name Title Phone
Wright, André-Denis Dean, CAHNRS 509.335.4561
Johnson, Lisa Assistant to the Dean 509.335.3590
Koenig, Richard T. Associate Dean, CAHNRS and Director, Extension 509.335.2933
Hulbert, Scot Interim Associate Dean & Director, ARC 509.335.4563
Zack, Rich Interim Associate Dean, Academic Programs 509.335.4562

Chairs & Directors

Name Title Phone
Carris, Lori Interim Chair, Plant Pathology 509.335.9541
Coursey, Marta Director, CAHNRS Communications 509.335.2806
Gaffney, Mike Acting Director, Extension 509.335.4611
Gaffney, Mike Director, WSU Extension CED Program Unit 509.335.4611
Giese, Shane Senior Director, Alumni and Development 509.335.2959
Grove, Gary Director, AgWeatherNet 509.786.9371
Harper, Scott Director, Clean Plant Facility 509.786.9230
Hauser-Lindstrom, Doreen Director, WSU Extension Youth & Family Program Unit 509.358.7686
Hill, Laura Chair, Human Development 509.335.8439
Johnson, Chris CAHNRS Finance Director 509.335.2919
Johnson, Kris Chair, Animal Sciences 509.335.5523
Keller, Kent Interim Director, School of the Environment 509.335.3009
Koenig, Rich Interim Chair, Crop and Soil Sciences 509.335.9223
Koenig, Rich Interim Chair, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture 509.335.9502
Kruger, Chad Director, WSU Mt. Vernon 360.848.6143
Kruger, Chad Director, CSANR 509.663.8181
Kruger,Chad Director, Puyallup REC 509.335.4605
Lavine, Laura Associate Director, ARC 509.335.4563
Lavine, Laura Chair, Entomology 509.335.0481
Love, H. Alan Director, School of Economic Sciences 509.335.3548
Lucas, Kimi CAHNRS Operations Director 509.335.4561
McCracken, Vicki Chair, Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textiles 509.335.8399
McFerson, Jim Director, Wenatchee TFREC 509.663.8181 ext. 216
Murray, Todd Director, WSU Extension ANR Program Unit 509.335.8744
Peters, John Director, Institute of Biological Chemistry 509.335.3412
Rasco, Barbara Director, School of Food Science 509.335.3843
Rayapati, Naidu Director, Prosser IAREC and CAHNRS Assistant Dean Tri-Cities 509.786.9215
Tang, Juming Chair, Biological Systems Engineering 509.335.1578
Yost, Denise Director, Center for Transformational Learning and Leadership 509.335.8403
Zhang, Qin Director, CPAAS 509.786.9360



  • CAHNRS=College of Agricultural, Human, & Natural Resource Sciences
  • CPAAS= Center for Precision & Auto Agriculture Systems
  • CSANR=Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • AP=Academic Programs
  • ARC=Agricultural Research Center
  • Ext.=Extension
  • IAREC=Irrigated Agriculture Research & Extension Center
  • Y&F=Youth and Family Program Unit
  • CED=Community and Economic Development Program Unit
  • ANR=Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Unit