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2016 Faculty and Staff Awards

Administrative Professional Technical Staff Excellence Award

Dr.Kidwell and award winner Andy Bary

Andy Bary- Andy Bary is a Senior Scientific Assistant and has worked for Washington State University since 1987.  He started at the Irrigated Research and Extension Center in Prosser and then transferred to WSU Puyallup, where he has been for another 25 years. He has spent the last 25 years conducting research in the areas of organic nutrient management, composting, manure management and food safety. He is co-author of 36 journal articles and 9 extension bulletins. He is frequently sought after to make presentations on compost usage and composting.




Administrative Professional Staff Excellence Award

“This year two nominees were so stellar that it was impossible to distinguish between them to identify one winner.” – Dr. Kim Kidwell

Dr. Kim Kidwell and first award recipient Jenny Glass

Jenny Glass- Jenny Glass is the Extension Coordinator and Plant Diagnostician for the WSU-Puyallup Plant and Insect Diagnostic Laboratory.In addition to deftly managing the Diagnostic Laboratory, Jenny provides plant pathogen training, covering plant problem diagnosis and integrated pest management to diverse audiences in western Washington.  In 2000, she joined WSU-Puyallup,where, in addition to her laboratory responsibilities, she participates in several campus initiatives, including leading Roadside Cleanup volunteers in beautifying the campus roadways.




Dr. Kim Kidwell and second award recipient John Haugen

John Haugen- John was born and raised on the Palouse and attended WSU, graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1993. John had worked at the Creamery as a student and shortly after finishing college applied for the Plant Engineer position and began working as a full time staff member. In 1999 he became the Assistant Creamery Manager and just last year was promoted to Creamery Manager. He and his wife Marla have enjoyed raising their family in Pullman. They became foster parents in 1998, and have provided a safe place for 60 children to live through that program.





Classified Technical Staff Excellence Award

Award recipient Richard Bembenek

Richard Bembenek- Richard Bembenek is Lead Technician for the Green Infrastructure-Low Impact Development program within the Washington Stormwater Center at WSU Puyallup. A graduate of Texas A& M University, Richard has worked on environmental issues at WSU Puyallup for over 17 years.  Richard is active in the community, working with Washington Trails Association, Habitat for Humanity, and St. Francis House.






Early Career Excellence Award

Dr. Kim Kidwell and award recipient Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy- Dr. Murphy leads the barley and alternative crop breeding program at WSU. He received a B.S. in Biology from Colorado College, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Crop Science from Washington State University. The goal of his research is to increase the genetic- and bio-diversity of cropping systems across the State through the development of nutritionally dense new cultivars and ecologically-rooted production practices. In addition to barley breeding and genetics, his group focuses on quinoa breeding, buckwheat nutrition, spelt and perennial wheat breeding, variety testing in amaranth, and proso millet varietal selection and agronomy. Dr. Murphy teaches several courses, including a new faculty-led travel abroad course in Ecuador.




Individual Integrated Award

Award Recipient Cory Bolkan

Cory Bolkan- Dr. Bolkan received her PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences, with a focus on gerontology, from Oregon State University. Her research is focused on healthy aging by promoting optimal physical, mental, and social health across the lifespan.  She also teaches undergraduate courses related to gerontology, death and dying, and research methods, and is a faculty member in the interdisciplinary Prevention Science graduate program.






Faculty Excellence in Extension Award

Rich Koenig (left) and the award recipient Timothy Waters (right)

Timothy Waters- Dr. Waters is an Associate Professor, Regional Vegetable Specialist, and Franklin County Director for WSU Extension. He has been a faculty member at WSU since 2006. He has a B.S. in Biology and a M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Entomology from WSU.  Dr. Waters workswith commercial vegetable producers in the Columbia Basin where he focuses on integrated pest management and horticulture production issues on crops including: potatoes, onions, carrots, sweet corn, watermelon, beans, peanuts, sweet potatoes, peppers, peas, beets, cabbage, and hybrid poplar. He conducts applied research in numerous disciplines including entomology, weed science, plant pathology, soil and foliar fertility, cultivar evaluations, and irrigation management in order to address clientele needs.



Faculty Excellence in Research Award

Jim Moyer (left) and award recipient Jill McCluskey (right)

Jill McCluskey- Dr. Jill McCluskey is a Professor of Sustainability in the School of Economic Sciences at WSU, teaching primarily on topics related to industrial organization.  Her research, which generally focuses on the economics of food quality, reputation and firm incentives, and consumer behavior, has been funded by the USDA and NSF.  She has over 100 highly cited publications, has served on many editorial boards, and has guest edited for a number of journals.  Jill has also served as major advisor to 34 PhD and 17 masters graduates with 6 national awards and 13 tenure-track faculty placements.  Currently, she is the President of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, and has served in several leadership positions for AAEA and other organizations.



Excellence in Advising Award

Dr. Kim Kidwell (left) and award recipient Cristie Crawford (right)

Cristie Crawford- Cristie Crawford began working at WSU in 2013. She serves as the Academic Coordinator for two interdisciplinary degree programs: Agricultural & Food Systems and Integrated Plant Sciences. Cristie advises students in eleven different majors and enjoys the diversity of these programs. She is a member of several committees and serves as an advisor for CAHNRS Student Senate. Cristie completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Eastern Oregon University, and loves her role at WSU because of the daily reminders of the importance of agriculture.




R.M. Wade Award for Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Kim Kidwell (left) and award recipient Laura Lavine (right)

Laura Lavine- Dr. Lavine is an Associate Professor in the Department of Entomology and Assistant Director of the WSU CAHNRS Office of Research. She holds a bachelor of science in biology from Lander University and a doctorate degree in entomology from the University of Kentucky. Laura has taught multiple classes at WSU, and developed a new laboratory course. A testament to Laura’s teaching effectiveness is reflected in her teaching evaluations. Over 85% of Laura’s students have rated her outstanding or above average. Laura embraces modern teaching methods, particularly student-centered learning, in her courses. She maintains a diverse laboratory of graduate students, many of whom have become excellent teachers themselves under her guidance. Laura has also supervised 18 undergraduate researchers at WSU. Laura’s diverse impact to students at WSU make her truly deserving of this award.



Team Interdisciplinary Award

Dr. Kim Kidwell (left) with award recipient Yakima Basin Cost-Benefit Analysis Research Team's leader Jonathan Yoder (right)

Yakima Basin Benefit-Cost Analysis Research Team- The Yakima Basin Integrated Plan is a four billion dollar water resource management plan to provide drought risk relief, restore salmonid fish populations in the basin, and provide water security for municipalities in the basin. The proposed plan includes proposals for four surface water storage projects, two aquifer storage and recovery projects, and six fish passage projects for reservoirs in the basin, water market development, agricultural and municipal water conservation and fish habitat restoration. Team members carried out a legislatively mandated benefit-cost analysis of the plan, which provides a wealth of information to stakeholders and policymakers for making decision about the Integrated Plan implementation.




Yakima Basin Cost-Benefit Analysis Research Team


Top Row (left to right):
Jennifer Adam, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, VCEA, WSU
Michael Brady, Assistant Professor, School of Economic Sciences, CAHNRS, WSU
Daniel Brent, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, E.J. Ourso College of Business,
Louisiana State University (was a Post-doctoral Fellow at Monash during collaboration)
Middle Row (left to right):
Joseph Cook, Associate Professor, Evans School of Public Policy, University of Washington
Shane Johnston, Doctoral Student, Evans SChool of Public Policy, University of Washington
Stephen Katz, Assistant Professor, School of the Environment, CAS/CAHNRS, WSU
Bottom Row:
Keyvan Malek, Doctoral Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering, VCEA, WSU
Qingqing Yang, Doctoral Student, School of Economic Sciences, CAHNRS, WSU
Jonathan Yoder (Lead), Professor, School of Economic Sciences, CAHNRS, WSU; Director,
State of Washington Water Research Center
(Not Pictured):
John McMillan, Ph.D., McMillan Biological Consulting and Media