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About CAHNRS Academics

CAHNRS is agriculture and so much more—we are one of the largest, most diverse colleges at WSU. CAHNRS Cougs are making a difference in the well-being of individuals, families, and communities; improving ecological and economic systems; and advancing agricultural sciences.

An ideal CAHNRS learning experience has three major components: 1) a solid foundation of discipline-based content; 2) an application aspect that sets the context for bringing the content to life; and 3) opportunities for students to communicate and engage effectively around that content with industry professionals. This approach supports students with acquiring the full array of skills required for successfully navigating the college-to-career transition. Our intention is for our graduates to be the preferred employee choice because they have the knowledge base, the experience, and the interpersonal communication skills needed to truly make them “job ready, day one.”

Our Mission Statement



To cultivate innovative educational programs through which emerging scholars experience community and are mentored to acquire and apply knowledge, skills, and experiences that will serve them throughout their lives and careers.


To fulfill the Land Grant mission by providing affordable access to a world-class education so that all College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences graduates are prepared to realize their highest potential and assume roles of leadership, responsibility, and service.

Core Values

  • Experiential Learning
  • Community
  • Student Success
  • Educational Access
  • Innovative Programs

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CAHNRS is a highly diverse
college that includes:

  • 9 Undergraduate degree
  • 22 Majors
  • 19 Minors
  • 27 Graduate programs

CAHNRS has approximately:

  • 550 Faculty
  • 700 Staff
  • 2,300 Undergraduates
  • 609 Graduate students

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