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Abbi Prins

Abbi prins official headshot



Year in School: Senior

Hometown: Tulare, CA

Major: Animal Science –

Animal Management

Get to Know Abbi:

Why WSU:

WSU has every opportunity you could ever dream of. Conducting research, having a job, participating in leadership activities, and networking with peers and faculty is all possible starting even in your first semester. I’ve done all of these and much more at WSU. It’s affordable, even for out of state students, and the experiences and friendships you make are priceless.

Favorite Spot on Campus:

I love going into the Animal Sciences Reading Room in Clark! There are always students in there and Dr. Martin Maquivar sometimes pops in and says hello to everyone and helps us with whatever we are working on. The students in the reading room are also willing to help other students who are struggling on class material. This is a great place to meet other Animal Science majors and learn about animal science related information and classes!

Advice for Underclassmen:

Never be afraid to try new things and go to office hours. Coming to WSU I didn’t know anybody, and I tried activities in my residence hall, created a gym schedule, and went to CAHNRS events to make new friends and try new things, all of which were extremely beneficial. And office hours are a great time to network with faculty and learn about possible job and internship opportunities, and just to have more connections on campus. The faculty and staff are there to help you and ensure that you can succeed if you put the effort in.

One thing you couldn’t live without:

I encourage any student of any year to have a paper planner. My planner has all of my assignments, due dates, appointments, extracurricular activities, and reminders all written down in it. It keeps me on track so I never miss any due dates. If I didn’t have a planner, I would not be even close to how successful I am right now in college.







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