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Annie Wood

Annie Wood

Annie Wood


Expected Graduation: Spring 2023

Hometown: Helix, OR

Major: Animal Science – Animal Management

Extracurricular Involvement:

WSU Knott Dairy Center Employee

Get to Know Annie:

Why WSU:

I chose WSU because of its great Animal Science program! I am studying Animal Management and WSU is a great Ag school with ample resources in the field. The Animal Science professors here are all very willing to help whenever they can and they are all great educators.

Advice for Underclassmen:

I would suggest that they make sure to balance out all the studying and schoolwork with fun activities! The campus and Pullman have a lot of fun things to offer so they should take advantage of everything they can during their time at WSU. School can get overwhelming so it’s very important to make time to relax and unwind to ensure your overall college experience is a positive one.

What did you miss most about being in-person?

I missed being in a classroom and developing personal relationships with classmates and professors. Online classes made me feel removed from my peers and educators which was not ideal. I feel I learn better when I’m directly connected with those around me.

Questions for Annie? Email her at