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Caroline Sirr



Year in School: Senior

Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Major: Animal Science

Get to Know Caroline:


Why WSU?

Originally I really wanted to go to Colorado State University as I was born in Colorado, my grandparents are in Fort Collins, and they have a great vet school. But as I visited WSU I realized that I loved the atmosphere and community WSU provided. WSU also gave me several advantages that other schools didn’t have. It was in state so it would be cheaper, they had the 7-year honors veterinary program, and their animal science program allowed me not to have to choose a species to study, instead learning about all of them.

Favorite Spot on Campus:

My favorite spot on campus is the Reunion. It’s a great place to study and hang out with friends. Plus there is coffee right next door (or in my case London fogs!)

Advice for Underclassmen:

Find your own way. Don’t worry about those around you and what they think or do, whether they study the same way or if they are graduating within the same time you are, etc. We are all on our own journey and you will reach your goals in a much more fulfilling way if you focus on what’s best for you.

One Thing You Couldn’t Live Without?

Definitely the support and family environment I got from the Pru lab. I completed my honors thesis with Dr. Pru and him and his wife as well as the grad students are an amazing group of people that really care about you and make it a fun work environment









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