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Grant Irey

Grant Irey




Year in School: Freshman

Hometown: Puyallup, WA

Major: Environmental and Ecosystem Science

Extracurricular Involvement:

STAGE Student Theatre

Get to Know Grant:

Why WSU:

Our amazing CAHNRS college and environmental science program! Plus, my parents actually met at WSU, so it was the natural decision!

Favorite Spot on Campus:

The wind-chimes on top of the Terrell Library. It’s a great place to eat lunch and look out over campus!

Favorite Professor at WSU:

Dr. Whitman who teaches SOE 110! She is a phenomenal and passionate professor! I loved her class!

What did you miss most about being on campus?

I missed the in-person experience of engaging with my teachers and peers, and the conversations we would have! Along with that I missed spending quality time with my friends and peers!

Questions for Grant? Email him at