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Jonah Wisen



Ambassador Facilitator

Year in School: Junior

Hometown: Wenatchee, WA

Major: Animal Science

Get to Know Jonah:

Why WSU:

Not only does WSU offer everything I needed from a University like my major, an opportunity for postgraduate education, proximity to home, amazing networking opportunities, and a great reputation. But from the moment I first stepped foot on our campus I fell in love.

Favorite spot on campus:

My favorite spot on campus has to be the Mall.

Advice to underclassman:

Every single class counts. You may be a Biology major, but I guarantee you, you can learn something useful in that Art 101 class.

One thing I couldn’t live without:

I couldn’t have made it this far without my winter jacket and snow boots. Even though the winter is always variable, it’s nice being able to depend on your winter gear to get you to and from class.



Questions for Jonah? Email him at