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Juliana LeClair



Year in School: Senior

Hometown: Mount Vernon, WA

Major: Agricultural and Food Business Economics

Get to Know Juliana:


Why WSU?

I chose WSU because the Agricultural and Food Business Economics degree provides the experiences I wanted in preparation for my career, it is in my home state, and because there are many opportunities to explore other interests.

Favorite Spot on Campus:

I really enjoy eating lunch and studying on “Senior Bench,” which is right under Bryan Hall.

Advice for Underclassmen:

Get involved in on-campus activities! There are a lot of high quality events that happen on campus, and they are usually free for students!

One thing I could not have lived without:

Keeping a calculator in my backpack at all times. If you’re in an econ or math class, there always could be a surprise quiz, so be prepared!









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