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Layne Padelford

Layne Padelford

WSU cougar head logo

Expected Graduation: Spring 2023

Hometown: Prosser, WA

Major: Apparel Merchandising and Textiles

Minor: Design Technology and Culture

Extracurricular Involvement:

Luxe Magazine

Get to Know Layne:

Favorite Class at WSU:

My favorite class so far has been Apparel Assembly. I like this class because I get to sew and test my sewing skills. I enjoy being able to challenge myself with different stitches and ways to sew. I also enjoy this class because it is relaxing for me to sew and create fashions.

Why WSU:

I chose WSU because of the great fashion program. The school is also about 3 hours away from my hometown and is convenient to drive to. I have grown to love the community I’ve found at WSU. I enjoy the friends I’ve made in the dorms and I know I will have these friends for a lifetime.

What did you miss most about being on campus:

I missed being able to interact with my teachers and other classmates. I missed being able to visit the cafes on campus and talking with my friends. I mostly missed seeing people’s faces around me while I worked on my school projects. Seeing others working around me kept me on track with my schoolwork.

Questions for Layne? Email her at