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Lucy Case

Lucy Case

WSU cougar head logo.

Expected Graduation: Spring 2023

Hometown: Helix, OR

Major: Field Crop Management

Extracurricular Involvement:

Crop and Soil Science lab intern with Dr. Neely

Get to know Lucy:

What is special about being a CAHNRS Coug?

I enjoy being a CHANRS Coug because of the supportive community that it provides. The advisors, professors, and faculty are always focused on helping the students become successful and assisting in any way they can. Additionally it provides a lot of cool opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to find anywhere else.

Favorite spot on campus

My favorite spot on campus is the hill next to the Jewett Observatory because it has a great view of the campus as well as the surrounding Palouse hills.

Favorite CAHNRS class

My favorite class was Horticulture 202 because of the hands-on lab and the opportunity to apply the information you learned in class in the greenhouses.

Questions for Lucy? Email her at