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Mackenzie Potter

Mackenzie Potter

Mackenzie Potter.

Expected Graduation: Spring 2025

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Major: Animal Science | Pre-Veterinary Science

Extracurricular Involvement:

Intramural Soccer Team

Get to Know Mackenzie:

Favorite Class at WSU:

My favorite class is Animal Science 101 because I love how hands on it is. Plus I love seeing the animals, especially the cows!

Advice for Underclassmen:

My advice for a high school senior is to come into college with an open mind because there are so many new changes happening in your life. I would definitely try and join different clubs that interest you because that is a good way to make new friends. Also, it’s okay if you are struggling to adjust to college because it is a big step in your life!

What did you miss most about being on campus?

I really missed interacting with other people. I really like getting to know other people and make new connections.

Mackenzie Potter posing with other CAHNRS Ambassadors


Mackenzie Potter speaking with a FFA student.

Questions for Mackenzie? Email her at