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Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects

Posted by cahnrs.webteam | April 20, 2012

Applied Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

1st place

Matthew Allan – Food Science
Dr. Amit Dhingra, Mentor
Developing Micrografting Technology for Sweet Cherry.

2nd place

Erik Walker and Eugenia Lo – Animal Sciences
Dr. Ruth Newberry, Mentor
Improving welfare at swine production facilities through the use of biodegradable starch enrichment.

Basic Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

1st place

Brooke Compton – Animal Sciences
Dr. James Pru, Mentor
Embryonic Modification of Innate Immunity during Early Pregnancy.

2nd place

Jake Wavrin – Crop and Soil Science
Dr. Scot Hulbert, Mentor
Screening Camelina sativa for resistance to Rhizoctonia solani and binucleate Rhizoctonia (Ceratobasidium spp.) under controlled enironments.

Design Discipline

1st place

Beth Ross – Interior Design
Kathleen Ryan, Mentor
Designing a Youth Center, Building a Future.

Human Sciences

1st place

Lauryn Ringwood – Economic Sciences
Drs. Robert Rosenman and Tom Power, Mentors
Economics, Culture, and Obesity.

2nd place

Alexa M. Carr – Human Development
Dr. Patricia Pendry, Mentor
Effects of Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Activities on Individual Growth in Positive Behavior of 5th through 8th Graders.

Other Participants

Kaitlyn Kamstra – Animal Sciences
Dr. John McNamara, Mentor
Investigations and applications for formulation of alternative diets for dogs and cats to educate pet owners on proper nutrition.


Mike Pecharko – Crop and Soil Sciences
Dr. Ann-Marie Fortuna, Mentor

Mitigation of Reactive N and Greenhouse Gas Losses Via Manure Management and Microbial Processes.


Yee Wei Chan – Crop and Soil Sciences
Dr. James Harsh, Mentor

Iron Compost Capacity for As and Pb Absorption from Solution and soils.


Gena McKahan – Food Science
Dr. Carolyn Ross, Mentor

Development of functional food products made with grape pomace flour.


Cindy Ola – Human Development
Dr. Jenifer McGuire, Mentor

My Body: An in depth qualitative analysis on body perceptions among transgender youth.


Elizabeth Burleson – Human Development
Dr. Jane Lanigan, Mentor

Foster Parents’ Perceptions Regarding their Preparation for Transitioning a Foster Child into their Home.


Hodeis Tabatabaei-Moghaddam – Human Development
Dr. Cory Bolkan, Mentor

Health and Intergenerational Ambivalence in Aging Families.


Ryan Christian – Crop and Soil Sciences
Dr. Amit Dhingra, Mentor

Reconstruction of the Carotenoid Pathway in Rosaceae Fruits.


Charles Eric Christianson – Integrated Plant Sciences
Dr. Laura Lavine, Mentor
Insecticide cross-resistance in western flower thrips: physiological mechanisms and IPM strategies.


Elizabeth L. Jones – Integrated Plant Sciences
Dr. Naidu Rayapati, Mentor

Studies on Epidemiology of the Grapevine Leafoll Disease.


Leslee Gibbs, Lorrie Vaughn – Human Development
Dr. Yoshie Sano, Mentor

Understanding Childhood Obesity and Family Environment in Rural Low-Income Households.


Collin Mikkelborg, Sawyer Werner, Erik Hille – Crop and Soil Sciences
James Durfey and Dr. Arron Carter, Mentors

Fabrication and Implementation of Global Positioning System (GPS) to Control Auto-Trip Mechanisms for Research Plot Seeders.


Patrick Colbert, Gerald Moser, Michael Locati – Crop and Soil Sciences
James Durfey, Mentor

Determining Soil Spatial Variability Using Electrical Conductivity to Further Understand and Better Manage Orchards in the Pacific Northwest.