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Faculty Excellence in Research Award Nomination Guidelines

Intention: The purpose of this award, the terms “research or creative scholarship” are those activities embodied in the WSU Faculty Manual. This award will be given to an eligible faculty member for high-quality research and publications over the past three years or in recognition of a continuous record of scholarly accomplishments over a longer period of time.

  1. Prescreening Application Nomination Letter

    Submit the Faculty & Staff Award Nomination Form as well as a one-page electronic letter outlining the justification for the nomination and outlining the individual’s award-worthy accomplishments to Alanna Ellis in Academic Programs,

  2. Award Packet Guidelines

    If you are selected as a finalist, you will be asked to prepare a final packet. Page format is as follows:

    Submit one electronic PDF document that includes each of the following numbered documents and email the PDF to Alanna Ellis in Academic Programs, Save and send the document with the following format: nominee’s name-Faculty Excellence in Research.

    1. Award Cover Form
      The award cover form can be found by clicking on the following: Faculty & Staff Award Packet Cover Sheet
    2. Summary
      A narrative summary not exceeding three (3) single-spaced pages (Times New Roman, 12 point) detailing:

      1. Contribution of research to “science-discipline”.
      2. Impact of research contribution to various clientele/audiences of the college — the applied aspect of the research.
      3. Quantity and quality of research – scholarly publishing, creative activities, extramural support.
      4. Contribution to the enhancement of overall department, unit, or college research:
        — Leadership
        — Collegial activities
        — External financial support

      It should be noted that only activities conducted after beginning employment with CAHNRS are to be included in the nomination package.

    3. Professional Achievements
      Individual Award: List of the nominee’s most significant professional accomplishments, including awards and other professional achievements. Not to exceed one single-spaced page.
    4. Letters
      These should be organized into categories — department chair/director (required), peers, current and former students/clientele or other with no more than two (2) letters in each category. If the chair or director nominated the individual, that letter can suffice for the required letter in this section. Do not exceed seven (7) letters total. Letters of support should be included in the single PDF document.
    5. 150-word Biography
    6. A High Resolution Photo
  3. Selection Process

    Selection committees review the award nominations and make their recommendations to the Associate Dean, Academic Programs.

  4. Awards Process

    Announcement – All employee candidates who have been nominated will be notified prior to the event of the decision. A formal announcement will be made at the CAHNRS Faculty & Staff Awards Reception. No other public announcements will be made until after the event banquet.