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CAHNRS 3MT Competition

Posted by acellis | December 22, 2014

CAHNRS Three Minute Thesis

CAHNRS 3MT Competition

Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Location: Ensminger Pavilion


  • 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. (Tentative) – PhD level competition

2018 Winners:

  • PhD Level

    • 1st Place: Chiti Agarwal
    • Runner Up: Ying-Tsui Wang
    • People’s Choice: Cristian Andres Olaya

2018 Competitors:

  • PhD Level

    • Chiti Agarwal
    • Rajeev Sinha
    • Cristian Andres Olaya Arias
    • Afsha Tabassum
    • Haitham Bahlol
    • Kim Castelin
    • Adekunle Adesanya
    • Ying-Tsui Wang

Three Minute Thesis Videos:

Watch the CAHNRS 2016 3MT Competitors presentations! Congrats again to our winners!



  • Marta Coursey
  • Kimi Lucas
  • Shane Giese
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Alanna Ellis

CAHNRS Eligibility

  • PhD candidates pursuing a degree withing CAHNRS. PhD students must be post-preliminary exam by the proposal deadline.
  • Master’s level students, pursuing degrees within CAHNRS. Master’s level thesis students should be third semester or later. Non-thesis students are not eligible. Master’s students are not eligible for the university competition.
  • CAHNRS will host the competition on a single day with separate judging for PhD candidates and Master’s level students.
  • Entrants located on the Pullman campus must present face-to-face.
  • Entrants located on branch campuses or at R&E centers are allowed to videotape their presentation. In keeping with the same requirements set forth for Pullman campus presentations, these must be taped in front of an audience, to be determined by student and the CAHNRS 3MT Committee. Videos must be received 3 days prior to the face to face competition in order to be judged. If a student off campus wins the CAHNRS 3MT competition, they must travel to Pullman to take part in the university-wide competition on March 28, 2018.

Proposal Process

Proposals must be submitted to the CAHNRS 3MT committee via Alanna Ellis ( Proposals must follow a specific format:

  • Completed Cover Form.
  • Expanded abstract, including methods, results and real world application. No more than two pages, double spaced, using 12 pt. font and 1″ margins.
  • Slide that will be used during the CAHNRS 3MT competition. Only one slide is permitted in the competition.
  • Photograph (mug shot) to be displayed on CAHNRS 3MT competition website.
  • Completed release form.

The CAHNRS 3MT Committee will determine which proposal moves forward to the formal CAHNRS  competition. The winner of the CAHNRS competition will move on to the overall university competition on March 28, 2018.


Visit the official 3MT website here for additional resources.