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Johnson Hall Graduate Center

Mission Statement

The Johnson Hall Graduate Center supports graduate programs in the Departments of Crop and Soil Sciences, Horticulture, and Plant Pathology, as well as the online Master’s program in Agriculture in the College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences at Washington State University. Our mission is to support our graduate students, graduate programs, and faculty through thoughtful and efficient practices regarding graduate admission and graduate student progress, and serve as the interface to the Graduate School.

New/Current Student Documents

NOTE:  The policy will continue for Spring 2021 (GS UPDATE 3/5/2021:  as well as Spring 2021 interim exams, and Summer 2021 exams) to allow Zoom-only exam meetings, thus continuing to set aside the requirement that at least one faculty member be in the room with the student during the exam.  And, if a student or faculty member is attending the exam via Zoom, no indication of location is needed on the scheduling form.

The last date to conduct a final exam in Spring 2021 term is Friday, April 23, 2021, and the last date to conduct a preliminary oral exam in Spring 2021 term is Friday, April 30, 2021.   Scheduling forms are due no later than 10 working days in advance of the exam date.

There will be no traditional week-long spring break during the Spring 2021 semester. Instead, there will be four weekday academic breaks (class holidays) spread throughout the semester: Presidents’ Day on Monday, February 15; Thursday, February 25; Wednesday, March 17; and Tuesday, April 13.

Graduate School policy has allowed students to schedule preliminary and exams on days that are class holidays (but not university holidays)—for example, the first three days of Thanksgiving week or during the week of spring break. This policy will not be changing for Spring 2021. However, students and faculty are encouraged to follow the spirit of the decision to provide breaks throughout the semester, and thus avoid scheduling exams on the academic break days listed above.

Exit Requirements

Congratulations on your accomplishment!  Please review/turn in the following items within 2 weeks of passing your final exam.

  1. JHGC Departure Checklist (docx)
  2. Post Graduate Information and Effort Certification (docx)
  3. Exit Surveys

Academic Coordinators

Lisa Lujan


Debra Marsh

Jill Staab


Johnson Hall Graduate Center
Johnson Hall Rm 131
PO Box 646420
Pullman, WA  99164-6420 USA