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Undergraduate Studies

We have a major for almost everyone. Visit the department that interests you the most to learn about the career potential for that discipline and to watch a short video featuring interviews with students in that department or program.
Minors Specializations Certificates

Agricultural Sciences Degrees

Agricultural & Food Business Economics

College student in lab coat holding plants with chemical equations in background

Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Technology & Production Management

Human Nutrition and Food Systems

Scientific photos in shapes of a sheep, horse, dog, cat, and cow

Animal Sciences

Fermentation Science

A young woman in a wheat field holding a red WSU folder

Field Crop Management

A researcher in a lab coat pouring a yellow solution

Food Science

Fruit & Vegetable Management

A young man surrounded by flowering plants

Landscape, Nursery, & Greenhouse Management

Rows of vegetables near a greenhouse

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

Turfgrass Management

Viticulture & Enology

Human Sciences Degrees

Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles

Economic Sciences

Available Online

Human Development

Available Online

Natural Resource Sciences Degrees

Earth Science

Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences

Forest Ecology & Management

Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Sciences