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ExtremeTerrain Student Scholarship

Posted by madeline.mcphee | May 28, 2020
ExtremeTerrain Student Scholarship recipients will be selected by the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate college/university students and high school seniors who are pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Ecology, Land Use, Earth & Atmosphere Sciences, Sustainable Land Management, Environmental Biology, Sustainable Agriculture Systems. Proof of enrollment is required along with submission.
  • ExtremeTerrain Scholarships are non-renewable, however previous winners who are still eligible may submit a new essay that follows the same criteria. Entries are limited to one essay per student each semester.


How to Apply: Go to the website below. Fill out contact information and attached a 700-1500 word essay and proof of enrollment. Submit application by 12:00PM EST on October 15th. Award amounts are $2,500.

For application click here.