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2016 Student Award Winners

Aggie of the Year

Jenica Hagler – Agricultural and Food Business Economics

Jenica Hagler- Aggie of the Year


Family Consumer Scientist of the Year

Hayley Hohman- Economic Sciences: Quantitative Economics


Hayley Hohman- Family Consumer Scientist


Outstanding Junior in Agricultural or Natural Resource Sciences

Kyle Strachila- Agricultural and Food Systems, Agricultural and Food Business Economics,

Economic Sciences, Agricultural Economics


Kyle Strachila-Junior in Ag


Outstanding Junior in Human Sciences

Mackenzie Selleg- Human Development

Criminal Justice and Criminology

Mackenzie Selleg- Junior in HS


Emerging Undergraduate in Agricultural or Natural Resource Sciences

Serena Ranney- Food Science

Serena Ranney- Emerging Undergrad in Ag


Emerging Undergraduate in Human Sciences

Shelby Ruiz- Interior Design

Shelby Ruiz- Emerging Undergrad in HS


 Outstanding Seniors


AFS, Agricultural & Food Business Economics
Stephanie George-AFS, Agricultural & Food Business Economics

AFS, Agricultural Technology & Production Management
Brett Larmer-AFS, Agricultural Technology & Production

AFS, Agricultural Education
Mia Thomsen-AFS, Agricultural Education


Animal Sciences, Animal Management Option
Clint Keane-Animal Sciences, Animal Management Option

AMDT, Merchandising Option
Ember Steen-AMDT, Merchandising Option

AMDT, Design Option
Sophia Collins-AMDT, Design Option


Economic Sciences, Agricultural Economics Option
Madison Moore-Economic Sciences, Agricultural Economics Option

Economic Sciences, Economics, Policy & Law Option
Corbin Poppe-Economic Sciences, Economics, Policy & Law Option

Economic Sciences, Business Economics Option
Justin Shiver-Economic Sciences, Business Economics Option


Economic Sciences, Environmental & Resource Economics Option
Riley Seeger-Economic Sciences, Environmental & Resource Economics Option

Economic Sciences, International Economics & Development Option
Jordan Sperl-Economic Sciences, International Economics & Development Option

Economic Sciences, Financial Markets Option
David Park-Economic Sciences, Financial Markets Option



Economic Sciences, Quantitative Economics Option
Crystal Swanson-Economic Sciences, Quantitative Economics Option

Human Development
Hailey Wright-Human Development

Food Science
Jake Blaylock-Food Science



HD, Global Campus
Handie Morrison-HD, Global Campus

IPS, Landscape, Nursery, Greenhouse Management
Megan Davis-IPS, Landscape, Nursery, Greenhouse Management

IPS, Fruit & Vegetable Management
Griffin Berger-IPS, Fruit & Vegetable Management


IPS, Turfgrass Management
Sean Lanphere-IPS, Turfgrass Management

IPS, Viticulture & Enology, Tri-Cities
Daniel Hottell-IPS, Viticulture & Enology, Tri-Cities

IPS, Viticulture & Enology
Molly Warren-IPS, Viticulture & Enology


Interior Design
Julie Harris-Interior Design

Western Agricultural Economics Association
Logan Eres-Western Agricultural Economics Association

Landscape Architecture
Jeremy Auer-Landscape Architecture


Wildlife Ecology
Adrian Rus-Wildlife Ecology