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CAHNRS Faculty and Staff Awards Nominations begin October 18. Learn more about the selection process.

Emerging Undergraduate Leader in Agricultural Sciences

The Emerging Undergraduate Leader in Agricultural Sciences Award is presented annually to the outstanding freshman of the previous academic year from agricultural or natural resource sciences programs in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences. The purpose of this award is to recognize the student who demonstrates a balance between academic achievements, leadership and activities.

Award Eligibility

Have a 3.00 GPA (an unofficial copy of the applicant’s transcript should be attached to the application form; copies can be obtained from the student’s academic advisor). Currently enrolled as a sophomore in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences. Have completed his/her freshman year at Washington State University.

Qualifying majors:  Agricultural Biotechnology; Agricultural Education; Agricultural and Food Business Economics; Agricultural Technology and Production Management; Agriculture and Food Security; Animal Sciences; Economic Sciences – Agricultural Economics option; Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences; Field Crop Management;  Food Science; Forestry; Fruit and Vegetable Management; Landscape, Nursery, and Greenhouse Management; Organic Agriculture Systems; Turfgrass Management; Viticulture and Enology; Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences.

Nomination Packet Guidelines

Submit one electronic PDF document that includes each of the following numbered documents and email the PDF to CAHNRS Academic Programs,

Candidate Packet Materials 

  1. The Student Award Packet Cover Sheet should be the first page of a nominee’s award packet.
  2. Application Question Responses

    As part of your application, please answer the following questions:

        • 1. In one paragraph, briefly describe yourself.
        • 2. List organizations for which you are (or were) a member, and describe your personal contributions to each organization.
        • 3. List any WSU honors and achievements (including scholarships) you have received, noting the significance (i.e.  selection criterion, prestige, etc.) of each award.
        • 4. Describe your career goals in relation to agriculture/human sciences/natural resource science.
        • 5. Explain what type of influence you hope to have in agriculture/human sciences/natural resource science.
        • 6. Explain why you should be considered to be an emerging leader in agriculture/human sciences/natural resource sciences.
        • 7. If you work (to finance your education) during the school term, indicate job and hours you work per week

    4. Letters of recommendation Two letters from CAHNRS affiliates (staff, faculty, advisors, or department heads). Letters should be limited to one page each.

    5. Include an Unofficial WSU transcript 

    6. 150 word Biography, this will be used on the CAHNRS website.

    7. High Resolution Photo will be taken with Darrell Kilgore at a later date.

Selection Process

Selection committees review the award nominations and make their recommendations to the Associate Dean, Academic Programs.

Award Announcement

The winner will be announced at the CAHNRS Honors Awards Banquet. The recipient will also receive a framed certificate.